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Fanatik - fanatisme

Saya pernah merasa malu sekali karena sempat usul kepada teman saya untuk berpindah agama. Saya Katolik, dia Islam. Memang  saya sama sekali tidak memaksa, saya benar-benar hanya usul. 805 more words

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Video: The Political Side of Hijabs

Political Islam, By Bill Warner:

Most people see the hijab as religious or cultural, but the hijab is a symbol of the Sharia and has a very political meaning.

Counter Jihad Report

The Atheist Label and Dissent

The label, “atheist”, was, first and foremost and still today, applied by partisans to those dissenters who spoke against the conservative condition.

These same, self-privileged and group-validated conservatives, usually religious, usually a single, dominant sect or party, use the label,  202 more words

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Brahmin Khalifa(English and Tamil)

Brahmin Khalifa(English and Tamil)


Brahmin Khalifa(English and Tamil):“Oh my Brahmin brother !!. Break away from this chain of slavery. May you ride your horse in the direction of Kaaba, the AGRAHARAM of your noble ancestors”. 772 more words


What are you covering up?

In a general sense, everyone has a ‘cover’ of some sort. Whether physical, psychological or spiritual, our coverings usually protect us against something. Some are consciously imposed, and some we employ without our knowing it. 78 more words


"Kafir Lover" Assailants Don't Wear Balaclavas No More

On a Monday night of 2001 in July 30th, a “intimidatory”, “bully” and “racist” attack on a George woman, Ms Wanda Stofberg, where two assailants carved the letter “K” on her chest and called her a “kaffir boetie”. 487 more words

Kisah Sayyidina Abu Bakar (r) bersama Sekelompok Orang Kafir

“Saya akan menceritakan sebuah kisah yang saya dengar melalui dua narasi yang berbeda, pertama dari Grandsyekh `AbdAllah (q) dan yang kedua dari sebuah hadits yang saya baca.  690 more words

Mawlana Syekh Hisyam Kabbani (q)