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Vocaloid Wallpaper Pack 29

It’s been quite a long overdue but I think it’s time to pull out another Vocaloid wallpaper pack for you, lads. I’ve been trying to find more time to spend on this website and I really miss writing the Proofing God Exists series but I guess I can only spend a little time now and put some wallpapers to this website. 50 more words


Mastryoka Rin

Qỡng giờ học môn Anh ^^”’

[Kagamine Rin] Acchi Kocchi/ Here and There [Lyrics]

Another song for today! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

Did I ever tell you guys that I really like DATEKEN? Yes, his has such a good sense of music and composes wonderful, sweet songs. 299 more words


[Vocaloid Lyrics] ≪CONTINUE?≫

Title: Continue?
Lyrics: note (L-tone)
Composition: luna (L-tone)
Arrangement: note (L-tone)
Singer: Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
NND Link: sm20757716

“kimi ni aitai” ”boku mo aitai” 744 more words


[Kagamine Rin] Yoru no Ikimono/ The Things in The Night [Lyrics]

Hi, I’m back. Lately I’ve been such a lazy person right? (´・ω・`)

This time I’d like to introduce a song that I just found recently, “Yoru no Ikimono” by the artist bookstores. 384 more words


[Luka Miku Gumi IA Rin] FLASH BACK [Lyrics]

Hi, I’m bringin’ back another Umetora song! *(*´∀`*)☆

Well, I supposed I’d posted it yesterday or Tuesday right after unLimited, but I was kinda busy with essay and school stuffs.   651 more words


Rainmeter: Vocaloid Kagamine Rin TimNote1.0 - hiddenskins

The cutiest vocaloid for me is Rin-chan. I found this good picture and suddenly now she is become a rainmeter skins, it’s a magic! orz | Ah, forget about that. 74 more words