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Not Such a Struggle This Morning

Just knowing that I had the nip of Kahlua and citrus vodka waiting for me in my car took the pressure off my craving a drink this morning. 214 more words

Passover Cocktails

For those of you celebrating #Passover and feeling like there are no options to drink this holiday besides wine and brandy, we found a great article that you may want to check out that puts that myth to rest:  42 more words

Drink Recipes

#tbt: Doggie backpack, Korean mom-style

Kahlua LOVES to ride around the house like this. My mom will just carry him while she goes about her chores. They are perfect for each other. 73 more words

Flourless Chocolate Cake w/ Vanilla Whipped Cream

Although flourless chocolate cakes such as this one have become standard fare for restaurant menus worldwide, a version of this dish (Torta caprese), was created by the hospitality industry in Capri, Italy for tourists; it was most likely first served in tea rooms in the 1920s. 285 more words

Dolci (Desserts)


  1 qt. 100 proof vodka (use an inexpensive brand)
  4 c. sugar
  4 c. water
  1 vanilla bean
  6 tbsp. Treat Of The Day Enya… 79 more words

Care package baking #3: Kahlua Fudge Brownies

This could have been one of those situations where plan B turned out to be better than plan A was ever going to be.

We saw Zak on Friday, and it sounded like there was a lot of study coming up, with a number of assignments and tests all hitting in this final week before mid-semester break. 644 more words

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