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Relaxing & thinking by the Waterfall

There was going to be a post about …. um something. But standing here and listening to the water has made this girls eyes lower. It didn’t help that I was listening to something broadcasting tonight that made my eyes roll so far back in my head I saw my brain.   50 more words


I just wanna give it to you

I told you I was sorry, didn’t I? To make up for it, I’m going to spam you with all of the pretty things I’ve been collecting over the last few weeks. 162 more words

Got me feelin too low

Hey guys! First off… Can I just say how absurdly obsessed I am with this skin? I’ve never been so in love with a virtual thing until now. 218 more words

A Fight with Outlaws

This is the short story I wrote for Ƙλzυϻι ϻσϻσκσ (kazumimomoko)’s short story contest. As some have asked, I’ve decided to work on a part two, which I’ll post here when it’s complete.  1,385 more words


The hero dies in this scene

Hey friends! It’s getting around Halloween time (kind of)… Okay I’m a little early, but I’m absolutely obsessed with Halloween so may as well start a little bit early. 184 more words

Stagnation is what is Killing Gor

You breathe in deeply; the air chokes you with its small hands reaching down your throat. The air lingers stale and oppressive, so you open the window. 1,233 more words