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In case you are wondering tal is the gorean word for Hello. So hi! *waves*

In this blog girl is going to jot down her journey in the life of a southern jungle girl of Ukungu village. 57 more words


Say Something or do something. Your choice

Sometimes your thoughts move from one thing to another. I was sitting at the waters edge just looking over the water waiting for the sun to rise and started thinking. 358 more words

Second LIfe

Earthbound Kajira

Earthbound Kajira

Akajira is a kajira no matter where she is.

Second LIfe

From Devine to Pudding ...What is in a name

SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN: ANNOUNCEMENT: BREAKING NEWS or however else it wants to be said

Two posting within a few minutes… yes… Why? Because this just needed to be said and for the past few weeks, it has been bothering me quite a bit. 685 more words

Second LIfe

The Journey

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaz uuuuuuuuuuuuup!!    What a loaded question!  But really what has been up with that kajria known as Devine?  The blog was started just so I can give my two cents about what is going on in and around my Gorean life in SL.   792 more words

Second LIfe

There are echo's ........ Is anybody listening ........

A Kajira’s vist to earth….

A visit to the Second Life sim: Two Fish Too

again… no words ……. just thoughts

That is all. ………..

Second LIfe

Reggaeton On a Tuesday

This kajria had to get her barbarian wiggle on!!! ROFL

That is all……..

Second LIfe