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PLEASE Read...

Sometimes, the strongest people we know need help. It’s terrifying. It makes us feel weak, and often times afraid. A person we admire, who never shows fear or weakness, who always perseveres and pushes forward, is inevitably exposed to a challenge that reminds us all that they are indeed human. 372 more words


Recalculating Route

I did it! I’ve pinpointed my ‘pivot point’,  that singular moment that changed my life’s trajectory. It took a bit of digging. I had to go back nearly 30 years to the summer between my high school junior and senior year. 356 more words

Mini-session with Baby E. and his Mom

I had a fun time taking some quick pics of 9 month old baby E. and his mom last week (dad was out of town on business). 111 more words

It's Homecoming...We're Home!

Tradition. Defined as follows: the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way.

Most every year at this time, we make our annual trip back to Kalamazoo, Michigan to our alma mater, Western Michigan University for Homecoming. 303 more words


Can’t stop / Won’t stop!

Not only is our ordering specialist (Matt Dorbin) hosting a movie marathon at the Alamo Drafthouse today, but we also went ahead and booked TWO in-store shows tonight! 33 more words


Harmonic Convergence

(Kalamazoo, Michigan) At the conclusion of my clarinet lesson on Wednesday, my teacher Jason Gresl asked if I was free Friday night, because Anthony McGill was slated to appear at Dalton Center Recital Hall on the campus of Western Michigan University with the Pacifica Quartet as part of the Fontana Chamber Arts series.   195 more words