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Blueberry Kale Smoothie

I’m a little late to the kale party.

And to be honest, any time I’ve had kale in a salad, I haven’t loved it. But, the entire internet has been touting its healthiness for months now, so I thought I’d do some research. 227 more words


Kale Salad as Allegory: Is it Really the Kale That We Love/Hate?

Disclaimer #1: I distrust trends. Therefore by the time I decide to jump on a bandwagon, I usually have to run to catch up.

Disclaimer #2: I LIKE kale. 498 more words

Wing's Words

Chicken Caesar...Lasagne

Yes, you read right. If there is a way to incorporate lots of cheese and general badness and salad, I will find it! I actually first tasted a similar take on this dish in New York – they used a tough, spaghetti-like pasta, layered with lots of cheese sauce and chicken and finished with a topping of caesar dressing, kale and toms. 516 more words


Want to save money and increase the nutrient content of your food? Eat Seasonally!

Cooking Tip #2: Go Seasonal 

1. Nutrient Increase: Why would you want to limit yourself to only the fruits and vegetables that are in season? Why not buy those strawberries in the middle of winter and those leafy greens in the summer? 499 more words


Adventures with Kale

When we had some friends staying with us they introduced me to cooking with kale (something I had always been a little afraid to try) and then once I posted the spinach smoothie recipe, I had a few friends tell me I should try using kale smoothies too. 219 more words


Spicy Kale Caesar Salad

This salad you guys- it is soo yummy! My Mom even said this weekend that she would never make a normal caesar again. It’s fresh, but has a nice kick. 95 more words


Butternut Squash Curry Puree With Sautéed Kale & Chickpeas

My husband and I are getting ready to head off to Europe for a couple of weeks. For a foodie like me, France, Italy and Spain are dangerous places for my waistline as I find the baked goods, pasta, desserts…well, pretty much, everything, irresistible. 393 more words