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April Faves and Finds

Starbucks carmel ground coffee. 

Went back to mostly caffeinated coffee and wow! I feel human again! I also stopped drinking that Archer Farms and Dunkin’ coffee once I realized it was artificially flavored. 481 more words

Faves & Finds

Treat your kale right

By now, we’ve all heard why we should eat kale: it’s one of the most nutrient dense foods, containing high amounts of Vitamins A, C, K, as well as fiber, magnesium, iron and more calcium per calorie than milk.  536 more words


Kale & Cranberry Salad (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

What could be better then biting in to a flavourful and nutrient packed kale salad? The only thing I can think of is that same salad but with ingredients you have harvested from your own personal garden! 157 more words


Peanut sauce tofu and broccoli rice bowl and other food musings

I’m not sure who around here is eating tofu these days, but this recipe (also the source of the beautiful photo) pretty much combines my love for peanut sauce with my interest in getting some protein in my diet.  459 more words


Ramen Kale Salad

We have a new tradition this year on Easter.  Easter baskets are opened and bellies are full with yummy breakfast so the boys are starting their Star Wars marathon.  259 more words


Kraving Kale

Kale does not get old for me. I’ve been eating it since before it was a trend and I suspect kale will be always show up on my plate and, hopefully if I live long enough, in my dentures. 264 more words


Yellow Springs

A few weekends ago, in search of a mini road trip, two friends and I piled into the car, turned up the radio and drove…40 minutes to Yellow Springs, OH. 442 more words