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+ Scrambled Eggs

Eggs have been a big part of my diet lately, more specifically eggs plus a starchy base. I need both the protein and those carbs because this Summer I’ve been training to reach marathon distance. 375 more words


Kale Salad

Happy Monday! I saw this Chris Kresser post on Facebook and it ties into my last post so I wanted to share for those who would like more in depth reading on why to choose a real food life. 378 more words


2 Recipes Eating Clean And Special Walnuts For Fiesta Friday #33

Eating clean, I’ve heard the term but never really grasped what it means, it’s quite simple really, read about it here in an article on Cooking Light, in a nutshell you eat unprocessed whole foods, nothing new really we should all eat like that, the term is new but not the concept.   814 more words


Kale Salad

Kale salad: Susan Minot

  • Kale leaves
  • A handful of nuts – hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, pecans or pinenuts
  • Small handful of pumpkin seeds
  • 1 clove of garlic…
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Kale Salad with Warm Cranberry Vinaigrette

You’ll be converted to a kale fan after trying this salad of cranberries and almonds!

My inspiration for this salad came from the Whole Foods Kale Salad which also has cranberries and almonds. 239 more words

Grill It Homemade

Recipes: Fall Harvest Citrus Kale Salad

I love salads. Growing up, we had some type of salad with our dinner almost every night. It was usually a traditional tossed salad (lettuce, carrots, cucumber, tomato, etc.), but sometimes my mother would mix things up a bit and make either a pineapple or pear salad. 335 more words


Chopped Kale Salad with Barley or Quinoa

Hello everyone,

These days it’s all about fad foods. In 2012 it was quinoa, in 2013 it was kale. This year it is cauliflower (at least according to my own observations.) Apparently, carbs are making everyone fat so people are now replacing carbs with various forms of cauliflower. 854 more words