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Going to barbecue every damn thing ...

I will explain, and you might think me rather simple-minded, or unduly fearful, or just inept.

We won a barbecue at a fundraiser in McBride six or eight years ago. 962 more words

Life And Pets

Kale Juice Success!

I finally made the Blogilates kale smoothie…it was a hit with my younger sister and my mom, my dad doesn’t like it.


Kale - Not Just Another Pretty Green Vegetable

If you have been anywhere near the grocery store over the last year, you were bound to run into this newest “super food” at your supermarket. 545 more words

Healthy Living

roasted veggie salad

When you come home from work and you are absolutely DONE with chicken, I’ve found that this roasted vegetable salad is saving me from the road to ruin. 114 more words


A Day of Eating For Glowing Skin

When I tell people my diet, I alwaysssss get the question “So wait, what do you eat then?”

When you get a look at my boot-ay you know I’m not starving myself or not getting enough nutrients through my diet. 934 more words


Massaging Kale - Helping This Veggie Relax

Confession time – have you ever heard of massaging kale? Let’s be honest – the idea of eating kale sounds great, we all know how healthy it is for us, right?!