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Being Brave Enough to Choose Love

If I am emotionally compromised in any way, the Disney movie┬áBrave will turn me into a sobbing mess. There’s something about the animation of the turbulent mother/daughter relationship that gets right to my heart. 506 more words


Thoughts about Prom

Tonight is Prom night–a night that fills some mothers’ hearts with worry, fear, even dread, and if it doesn’t, it probably should. But my heart is filled with different emotions, positive emotions. 758 more words


Words of Love Have Great Power

Some days I wonder if I make a difference in the lives of my children. I often feel like more of a lecturer/nag/maid than a role model or someone they trust and cherish, but every once in a while I hear tender words that tell me I really do make a difference in their lives. 464 more words


Are You Beautiful?

Are you beautiful?

Do you have perfectly shaped eyes with thick, full lashes? Is the color of your irises rich and deep? Do you have a perfectly shaped face and a clear complexion? 399 more words


Who do you want to be?

Twenty months ago I competed in my first (and at this point my only) sprint distance triathlon. I had several reasons for doing it, some of them silly, some of them reasonable and even touching, and maybe someday I’ll share some of that with you. 1,487 more words