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BTS: Gray Fullbuster Cosplay

It was so cold outside! But it was worth it i hope. I don’t know yet until i get the photos but i did put in all i got :D


Who Are the Paniolo?

Paniolo are the cowboys of Hawaii. Obviously there wouldn’t be cowboys without cattle, so it is important to start with the introduction of the first cattle in Hawaii when discussing the history of the paniolo. 1,005 more words

Part 2: The history of Kailua

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Kailua means two seas or two currents. The abundance of water, from the mountains and the ocean, is what has always made Kailua a special place long before the first native Hawaiians settled there. 442 more words


Short Story Pt. 2 (Historical Fiction) "Forbidden Foods"

Part 2 of the Historical Fiction short story I wrote in Grad school: “Forbidden Foods.” This is based on an actual account of how Hawaii’s “kapu” (taboo) laws were abolished by two women. 3,020 more words