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Kamen Rider Gaim: Kaito Is Lord Baron!

Like it or not, next week will be a turning point for Kaito Kumon, a.k.a. Kamen Rider Baron as he makes a decision that’ll change his main goal in becoming an armored rider: taking a bite from a Helheim Fruit & transforming into an Inves Overlord called Lord Baron!

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Masked RIder Armored Warrior

Kouta's Bogus Journey- Gaim-40-RX! 078


Ammit and Jonathon discuss and review Kamen Rider Gaim 40, which leads to a lot of discussion concerning philosophy and religion and big tech companies. 29 more words


Hajimari no Onna

Sebenarnya sudah lama ingin menulis blog yang membahas salah satu karakter di seri Kamen Rider Gaim (Setelah ini akan saya singkat menjadi Gaim saja) ini, tapi sering ditunda jadi kelupaan. 1,435 more words


unKamenCast-RX! 067 Maya Is Boss


Subject: Kamen Rider Kiva 33-36

This is just a taste of what happens in these episodes:

Maya and Otoya work to build his legacy in the form of an exquisite violin. 200 more words


unKamenCast-RX! 064 Kiva 05


Subject: Kamen Rider Kiva The King of Hell’s Castle and 29-32

On a second viewing of Kamen Rider Kiva the movie, it is actually very good. 98 more words


unKamenCast-RX! 063 The Slump


Subject: Kamen Rider Kiva 23-28

We cover the SLUMP this episode. We discuss traditional marriage roles, old fashioned notion of love, the implication of rape and the way this show changes it characters as the episode count rises. 62 more words


unKamenCast-RX! 058 Kiva 03


Subject: Kamen Rider Kiva 15-22

We are almost half way through Kiva at this point and
things just keep getting better! The three hosts go on for almost three… 88 more words