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Bunny Company


“Billy & Nutmeg”

Billy and his girls are going home today, and we get a few days break until more bunnies come to kamp. Nutmeg gave Princess a back massage with her mouth last night. 125 more words


Bunny Ballet

“Princess & Nutmeg”


Last night after snuggling, Nutmeg and Billy jumped over/under each other like a crisscross. I don’t think they planned it, but it looked beautifully choreographed. 97 more words


Bunnies From "Outer Space"

“Billy & Butterscotch”

“Princess & Nutmeg”

Billy and Butterscotch had a few close encounters last night, through plastic and double fences. The girls were totally uninterested, but maybe Billy liked seeing another boy. 109 more words


Gettin' Comfy at Kamp

“Princess, Billy & Nutmeg”

Princess has been moving around a bit more these last couple of days. She tossed a set of baby keys into her water bowl in the morning and was digging at the carpet with Nutmeg a little. 51 more words


Educational Dialogue: "Fall of The I-Hotel" Screening

One Book, One San Diego program of the San Diego Public Library and the Social Justice Media Literacy initiative are partnering up to present a film screening of the documentary “The Fall of the I-Hotel” followed by a community dialogue facilitated by KAMP on Tuesday, November 18th at 6:00pm in the main auditorium of the San Diego Public Central Library. Please join us!


RECAP: "Where Is Home?" Educational Dialogue

By Kuya Andrew Amorao

In celebration of Filipin@ American History Month, KAMP hosted its October educational dialogue at the headquarters of the United Domestic Workers of America (UDW). 296 more words


Unless You Got Banana, Do Not Disturb


“Nutmeg & Billy”

Last night I guess my mom was laughing too loudly in the kitchen, because Billy started thumping in the second floor of his cottontail cottage. 82 more words