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An Ode to Jennifer Musisi

For a blog titled “Ugandan-American,” I have tended to write surprisingly very little about contemporary or general Ugandan civic, socio-historical-political, and other discourses. Perhaps part of the reason for that fact is that I simply consider my opinions about such issues too amateurish. 529 more words

So You Think Travel is Tough in the United States?

While traveling in the United States is challenging, it is nothing compared to getting around Eastern Africa. Dave’s first trip out of Djibouti was to Uganda, a trip for which he needed his body armor. 414 more words

Eastern Africa

The Hope Ward Rationale; International Medical Foundation

Hope Ward Rationale.

Hope ward was established in 2006 by Dr Ian Clarke who recognised the difficulties obtaining quality healthcare by this vulnerable group and set up a ward offering high standard health care open to all. 967 more words


The Kabaka Unites Buganda with his 59th birthday celebrations.

By Arthur Katabalwa

The Kabaka of Buganda celebrated his 59th birthday this weekend in Butambala. Thousands of people lined the route to Gombe Senior Secondary school. 476 more words



Hello everyone, my post today will be based on the Adire fabric.

Most times when we are out to pick asoebi, all kinds of fabrics come to our mind;Lace fabrics, Ankara fabrics, Velvet , Silk, Chiffon and probably Brocade for men,but there are lots of beautiful fabrics in the market that we need to explore, one of which is ADIRE! 291 more words

Have women agri-entrepreneurs exploited the already existing ICTs?

Daniel Muhanguzi


Economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa majorly depends on the agricultural sector since it employs 65 percent of Africa’s labor force and accounts for 32 percent of Africa’s gross domestic product. 495 more words