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Dec 21 - Two gifts that transformed my view on Lean

In the last four years there are two clear pivot points for my view on Lean. The first major pivot point that really transformed how I look at Lean and especially the tools and methods of Lean is Mike Rothers book… 259 more words


Dec 20 - Tools are not the goal, they should help reach the real goal

“The purpose of kanban is to eliminate the kanban.”

Implementing tools are not the goal. The tools can be a way for us to reach the real goal.

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Retreating to Advance

I’m wrapping up a personal business retreat where I went through the past 6 months working as a consultant and freelance urban data scientist. I wanted to document the lessons I’ve learned from projects big and small, as well as the great advice and guidance I’ve received from those who’ve walked this path. 592 more words


My Project planning experiment with Trello

Since my move to Berlin I have applied the Kanban-tool explained here to various fields of my day to day life.

I failed but got something else. 601 more words

Tip # 1

After this last experience I had I’d like to start with a few main tips:

1) use a version control system to save your source code {I know stories of people that where working on their thesis and had their laptop stolen with the only printed copy – the thief managed to steal more than one laptop but took the bag that had the printed copy; or simply had a virus on the laptop} – personally I use GIT for code I want to share and BITBUCKET for code I wanna keep for myself… 74 more words

Personal Kanban

Given the great response on my last book review, here is another one! As you can see I have continued my journey in Kanbanland and read ”Personal Kanban”, with the under title ”Mapping Work | Navigating Life” by Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria Barry. 359 more words


My Continuous Improvement: Personal Kanban - 5th Revision a Success!

In the past, I have posted several times about my experiments with kanban boards for my personal work.  Below are the links to past posts. 418 more words