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Vortrag: Koordinierung durch Kanban

Ich habe am Freitag einen Vortrag zur ‘Koordinierung durch Kanban’ gehalten.
Angelehnt ist der Vortrag  am Kapitel 7 des Buches ‘Kanban: Evolutionäres Change Management für IT-Organisationen’ ( 11 more words


From my reading list #15 - August 19th, 2014

Previously on my reading list #14

There was a lot of updates lately to Azure, Visual Studio 2013 and the next versions of VS, .NET and Asp.NET. 295 more words


How to improve Flow Efficiency with Scrum - #Agile2014 Q&A

Thank you all of you who attended my #Agile2014 session: How to improve Flow Efficiency, Remove the Red bricks! In this, and upcoming posts I will answer some of the questions I have received after the session. 1,997 more words


Have multiple software products to develop and maintain? Ditch sprints and jump into Kanban wagon!


There are lot of different kind of agile methods and frameworks of which have lots in common but also really meaningful differences. The Scrum is of course known by most who have heard the word Agile, and is so widely used that I often get a feeling that lots of people are using word Agile when just talking about the Scrum. 1,399 more words

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step...erm..Blog?!

Hello World! (well those that are listening in)

“Hello world” was the first computer program I ever wrote (and I suspect that was the same for alot of my fellow geeks out there, though I wonder if that still applies now?). 137 more words


How to set up Kanboard (a visual task board inspired by Kanban) on the IBM Bluemix platform

It is very easy to set up Kanboard on Bluemix, IBM’s PaaS solution. (For those of you not familiar with Kanboard, it it a visual task board inspired by Kanban). 349 more words


Mapping Your Process as Collaborative Knowledge Discovery - Part 3 (Thinking)

This will be the last post in the series about process visualization in creative industries, specifically within the context of applying the Kanban method and one of its core practices, visualization. 904 more words