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Feedback loops

You have spent some time working in front of your computer. You start to feel ready with the task at hand, and what do you want then? 435 more words


Myths of Agile

This is a post I’ve promised to write for a while, this isn’t a critic of ‘Agile’ in any of its guises but simply a guide to avoid incorrect statements. 933 more words



I stumbled across this book after I’ve learnt about Kanban, and coming in from the Scrum ”horizon”. This is a pretty common scenario, I think. Since Scrum is older and more spread, it has been the starting point for many development organizations when Waterfall was abandoned. 76 more words


Bike boy!

My son is going to a birthday party next week so I used a Kenny K image to make this card. The background paper is from Crate and the black mat is a Kanban diecut.  91 more words


Theory of constraints

This theory (more information can be found here) basically says that any manageable system is being limited in achieving more of its goals by a very small number of constraints (bottlenecks). 226 more words


My week in a wordle

It’s been a very busy week so far. This wordle shows the topics / spread of discussion from various clients and activities I’ve been involved in. 275 more words


Little’s law

To continue on my explaining of the theories behind agile the time has now come to Little’s law. It’s used to calculate cycle time (also referred to as lead time). 191 more words