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Work Within the Constraints of Choice

It may come as a surprise to some people but I stand in awe of photographers like my friend Fiona (http://instagram.com/f_kennaugh) who can make emotionally evocative images with the simplest of motifs. 284 more words

A Colour Theorisation, with Chris Short.

In this post I will be discussing and exploring different theorisation of colour within art and science and my personal views on each individual theory. I will be paying attention to Kandinsky, Newton and Goethe in specific detail. 524 more words


Kandinsky, revolutionary synesthete

It is said that Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky revolutionised art. The inventor of Abstract Art created works which completely left tradition behind and gave modern art a new direction. 294 more words

Abstract Art

Photo Essay: What's the City Like?

Dave Hood

The city can be like a jungle. Skyscrapers evoking a mood of the ominous, as if hiking alone in the unknown jungle. Street lamps and traffic lights standing as if various types of tropical trees. 105 more words

Dave Hood

Art in Nursery

We have been looking at artists this week in our mark making area.

We used pieces of coloured card to make collages in the style of Henri Matisse. 45 more words

Fine Motor

In the Key of Kandinsky (2014)

Another Kandinsky infused/inspired piece.  His designs and pieces simply enthrall me, I can’t shake my Kandinsky addiction!

Chasing Kandinsky (2014)

Wassily Kandinsky is a huge inspiration to me.  This is my homage to his “Composition viii” (1923).