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The Zetter Townhouse London

Yes, its a gray and rainy day in London. Nothing at all surprising about that. But at the Zetter all is sunny and bright (in a virtual way). 433 more words


in search of Kandinsky's tombstone

I returned to the cemetary this afternoon in search of Kandinsky’s grave (see last Saturday’s post) and, like last Saturday, I was the only person there and it was blazing hot. 348 more words


Malevich at Tate Modern

The Black Square, an iconic work by Russian painter Malevich (1879-1935), who declared the square to be the « face of the new art … the first step of pure creation ». 590 more words

Modern Art

Moving in Elite Circles: the Blutbund Letters

In 1913 -1914 Dimitrije Mitrinović was studying art history in Munich, then one of the centres of the art world. Inspired by Kandinsky’s work and writing, he formed a friendship with the artist and his partner, Gabriele Münter. 543 more words

An Incurable Romantic Paints Flowers From Imagination

There’s a phrase about being “an Incurable Romantic.” Love, idealism, finding the best in people I can treasure…making wonderful memories with a loved one. I’m completely devoted to all these ideas. 394 more words

Abstract Painting

Kandinsky Shapes

Kindergarteners looked at Vassily Kandinsky’s Squares With Concentric Circles painting.  We folded our paper in half and half again to divide the sheet into four segments.   53 more words


Colours, indeed

A triangle is just a triangle.

A trapezium is just a trapezium.

Countless other geometrical shapes are just geometrical shapes.

But if you see a long triangle with a silver tip that cuts across a yellow shape, and  a red spot behind the tip of the triangle, then what you see is no geometric shape anymore. 19 more words

Short Poetrish Texts