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Kandinsky Re-imagined (2014)

A new Kandinsky inspired piece.  His shapes, use of color, and utter mastery of the art of painting is the impetus behind much of my work.   8 more words

Kandinsky Circles - Tree Project

Kandinsky circles are such a wonderful inspiration for a variety of projects. This tree project can be part of an Art or Math lesson.  The children will love the process as well as the final product. 631 more words


Musical Environment 1

A bit like Kandinsky’s stuff, this was me listening to Father Time by Richie Sambora, and drawing the things it made me think of, abstract and otherwise. 13 more words


Colors & Shapes: inspired by Wassily Kandinsky's "Color Study Of Squares With Concentric Circles"

A few weeks ago we were working on shapes in geometry class and it was a good opportunity to introduce the children to Wassily Kandinsky and his work. 139 more words


Work Within the Constraints of Choice

It may come as a surprise to some people but I stand in awe of photographers like my friend Fiona (http://instagram.com/f_kennaugh) who can make emotionally evocative images with the simplest of motifs. 284 more words

A Colour Theorisation, with Chris Short.

In this post I will be discussing and exploring different theorisation of colour within art and science and my personal views on each individual theory. I will be paying attention to Kandinsky, Newton and Goethe in specific detail. 550 more words