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Confessions Of A Reluctant Work Wig Wearer

My name is Accidentally Natural, and I have never in my life worn a weave aside from that time I had braids with added hair and before this past week a wig either outside of Halloween. 2,306 more words


My wig came in!!

For my birthday party, and it’s perfect!!!
It’s a high quality kanekalon wig from China and it’s pretty cheap on Amazon. It’s always good to read the description and make sure it says “kanekalon”, “high quality”, or “heat resistant” for a good quality wig. 14 more words


February Passed, and There Was Much Rejoicing

February is like Connecticut, or Georgia, or middle school. They’re not destinations, more like bridges on the road to something better. As the worst month on the calendar finally disappears in the rearview mirror, I’m left pondering what 59 days of surfbriety have taught me. 646 more words

What I'm Rockin Now! (Newly Discovered Protective Style in Style)

Hello there! It feels like I haven’t been on here in foreeevveerrrrrr (more like a week) but still, it feels like forever when you’re getting used to 2-3 blogs a week and then you just…Stop. 387 more words