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Hotel Nikko, Osaka

I arrived in Japan tonight! My vacation has begun. For my first night I decided to stay by the airport at the Hotel Nikko. The service was so efficient at check in (and through the customs process) that I was in my room 45 minutes after the plane touched down. 132 more words


Mt. Fujiwara - The Crown of Suzuka

Early February and here I am still chipping away at the Kansai peaks. The heavy snow drifts to the north cut off access to the mountains of Shiga and Kyoto, but further east in Mie Prefecture the Suzuka mountains offer a challenging yet relatively safe foray into the powder dusted backcountry. 1,331 more words


Kobo Daishi rested(s) here

Kukui (or Kobo Daishi), a 9th century monk and founder of Shingon school of Buddhism, sat here so they say.  I tried to channel a little bit of his zen as I pondered the snow clad and cedar filled Okunoin cemetery in Koyasan, where for a thousand years believers ranging from shoguns to common folk have built tombs and shrines to be as near as possible to him as he “rests”.     57 more words


Zamami in Kobe

Stuck in the Kansai region and can’t make it all the way out to Zamami?  Well there’s good news: Zamami is coming to Kobe!  To be exact, the two Zamami-resident underwater photographers that make up the well-known… 116 more words

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Blizzard School – Snow Country For Old Men

Winter is coming! Not to Osaka, but to the Kansai region in general, as there is no real winter in Osaka. Sure, the locals start freezing the moment the temperatures fall below the 28° Celsius they set their ACs to in summer (which means that some of them go from cooling straight to heating, because nobody deserves to live in inhumane 26° weather!), but if you are from a place that actually has four seasons, you will quickly realize that Osaka doesn’t really have a winter. 1,077 more words


5 Reasons to use a Bus in Osaka

1. The View

Most people in Osaka use the trains to get around. The subway system covers the city very well and it’s fast. The JR loop line connects major spots around Osaka with frequent trains. 408 more words