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Founder's Note: Now Is The Moment


Two weeks ago, my family and I spent five days indulging in Japan’s whimsical cherry blossoms. We traveled through five different cities mostly in the Kansai region, admiring sceneries coated in exquisite shades of pink. 1,015 more words


Japanese Tea Shop

Uji is famous for green tea. And of course for the Byodo-in, the Buddhist temple on the 10 Yen coin, as well as for the final chapters of “The Tale of Genji”, one of the most popular pieces of classic Japanese literature. 550 more words


30 000 kirsikkapuuta

Väenpaljouden vuoksi Yoshino oli vuoreksi melko sieluton, mutta eiväthän koristekirsikat luonnonvaraisina kai kasvakaan. Ylöspäin kiemurteleva asfalttitie ruuhkautui matkamuistomyymälöiden ja nähtävyyksien kohdalla. Mieleen jäivät vaaleanpunaisten matkamuistojen lisäksi järkyttävän pitkät naisten vessajonot ja tuulessa leijailevat terälehdet. 168 more words


Word of the Week: せーへん & せやな

It’s time for Word of the Week again! Last week we looked at a Japanese word or phrase beginning with ‘su’ (す), and focussed on the word すごい (凄い) (sugoi), which basically means ‘wow’.  639 more words


Smart City Expo in Kyoto

Hello everyone, Mark from the International Affairs Division here.
I’d like to write a very quick post about an interesting event that was held here in Kyoto Prefecture on 26th and 27th March. 316 more words

Seika - 精華町

Kansai: Cherry Blossom 2014

I was able to enjoy blossom in Osaka, Nara and Kyoto this year!


I took a walk in my lunch break and saw lots of beautiful blossoms and a few deer. 59 more words