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Humanism and Christianity: Belief we can change in?

R R Reno, Redemptive Change; Harrisburg: Trinity Press International, 2002

Some books require you to come back to them and re-read the text. There can be various reasons for this; you didn’t understand it; another book refers to it; it was so good it deserves it. 1,111 more words

Remix | MØ "Walk This Way" (KANT)

Danish DJ/producer KANT does it incredibly, this remix so good that has supported his remix for “Walk This Way” and includes it in the new bundle that will be out on Sunday with other remixes by… 20 more words


Necessary Friction

The light dove, cleaving the air in free flight & feeling its resistance, might imagine it still easier in empty space.

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Review: A Philosophy of Walking by Frédéric Gros

A bestseller in France since its publication in 2009, Frédéric Gros’, A Philosophy of Walking has recently been released as an English translation by Verso, billed as an “insightful manifesto” on walking. 1,319 more words


Kant confusion

Michael Rosen’s review of Onora O’Neill’s new book on Kantian ethics is a very nice introduction to Kant’s ethics, including some of the difficulties in interpreting and applying Kantian ethics. 39 more words

E2: What Makes Right Acts Right?

Interesting Criticism of Kant

Take from here:

‘In response to Kant’s view that we impose form and order and intelligibility on the content of our sense experience by drawing on the a priori forms of intelligibility that are innate in all human minds: ‘ 200 more words


Kant and the "Private" Use of Reason

Readers of Kant’s little essay on the question “What is enlightenment?” have long recognized that the distinction between “public” and “private” uses of reason is both central to its argument and rather odd. 2,946 more words