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Grinworthy Quotes I

Justin Caouette suggested to me that I start posting some of the amusing, and sometimes shocking philosophical quotations that I come across, and often share with him. 198 more words


Peirce, Reid and Kant

It is known that C.S. Peirce had a Kantian bent. By his own description he had “devoted two hours a day to the study of Kant’s… 979 more words


The Cave of Purity

Most recently I have been enjoying the world of Immanuel Kant and have been experiencing a metaphysical bliss as I read his book Critique of Pure Reason.  499 more words


Kant is actually pronounced like “cunt” but we can’t say that. Also, his philosophy is extremely obscure and difficult to understand.


En lettisk kant på en vante, der har voldt mig meget besvær

Øv. Jeg har set flere steder set en flot sildebenskant på huer mv., og jeg tænkte “det vil jeg også lave”. Så jeg fandt en såkaldt Youtube-film,  143 more words


The Import and Legacy of Immanuel Kant's Philosophy

Kant as the Third Teacher

Immanuel Kant (1724-1804), the famous German philosopher and perhaps the most influential Western philosopher in the modern era, wrote at the end of the Enlightenment Era, and it is in fact from his works that the term “Enlightenment Era” comes from.  4,623 more words