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C.I. Lewis: Kant + Pragmatism

C.I. Lewis is one of the most significant philosophers of the early twentieth century, his biggest contributions being in epistemology. Lewis investigated how it is that humans gain knowledge. 2,412 more words

How real are Human Rights?

Now a days it is often thought of human rights as something granted, natural and completely normal. The role of human rights is that of an international moral code setting certain benefits and treatment for all humans simply because they are human. 2,952 more words



“I reached Melbourne this morning and took the Skybus from the airport to get to the central terminal for all trains, Southern Cross. While I was waiting on the bus, this middle-aged man, twice my size, fairly tall and in a black tee, came and sat next to me. 516 more words

Beginning The Critique of Pure Reason (Meiklejohn translation)

Here are the two questions I have in mind for Kant, then:

  • What is the extent of man’s knowledge–according to Kant?
  • What justification does he offer for the demarcation of this extent?
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Carl Jung: “Therefore I prefer to cling on to the deed, to what we can achieve with the means at hand.”

To Arnold Kunzli

Dear Herr Kunzli, 13 February 1943

Many thanks for your friendly answer.

One must certainly grant it the predicate “common sense.”

I now see more clearly the terminological possibilities of a Babylonian confusion of tongues when one seriously sets about studying science as an object instead of practicing it. 214 more words

Carl Jung

A Philosophy of Walking

Frédéric Gros teaches philosophy in France. The practice of philosophy does not require an advanced degree and an appointment at a respected university, as Gros has.   341 more words