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Outfit #3

Awkward dinos and good laughs
Shorts// Gestuz, blouse// H&M, rings// KANT and Spinning jewelry, nailpolish// Essie

As you can see I found something quite awkward in my fashion magazine; Dinos? 92 more words


Where is the abyss?

In the Critique of Judgment, Kant introduces his effort by describing the division – and seeming permanent logical separation — between the other critiques where he sees a “gulf.” Gulf is also translated as ‘Abgrund’ that is indicative of a gap as well as an abyss. 484 more words


Dialéctica materialista

En su obra magna El Capital, Marx investiga las relaciones dialécticas de las categorías fundamentales con base en las cuales opera el modo de producción capitalista, a saber «mercancía», «dinero» y «capital». 535 more words


What is the relation between Plato's cave and the cinema?

Plato, in his allegory of the cave from The Republic, provides us with a simile of a cave from which we are blinded from reality: “In this chamber are men who have been prisoners there since they were children, their legs and necks being so fastened that they can only look straight ahead of them and cannot turn their heads. 3,754 more words

Relationships II

Relationships are all about character. Period. That is a durable truth Aristotle left us 2400 years ago, and it was never more true or poignant than this summer, as I tried to think about the unthinkable: the possibility that my relational life had come to an end. 1,732 more words

'Transcendence' - a (re)view


A couple of days ago I finally saw Transcendence – a movie that I’ve been looking forward to, knowing that it explores the topic of… 2,561 more words

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