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Philosopher Fridays: Kierkegaard on the Strength of the Absurd

Welcome to Philosopher Fridays, where I aim to expose the academic underpinnings of my thoughts on story-telling and writing. In this series I make no attempt to give a comprehensive view of any of the philosophers I tackle, but instead pick out and explain what draws me back to their works again and again.  1,676 more words


IKEA’s Instruction Manual

You park your minivan next to the gigantic yellow and blue building and unload the kids. They excitedly drag you towards “Småland,” the free supervised play area. 2,609 more words


Thinking about Philosophy

In this paper I have been asked to distinguish between what it means for a person to have or to say what their personal philosophy may be and how it may inform their beliefs and attitudes towards the world and others and how that relates to the actual meaning of the word in its truest definition. 591 more words


A Kantian Analysis of Patagonia

Many companies in today’s apparel industry are not praised for their commitment to ethical practices or sustainability. The media is constantly criticizing companies for practicing child labor or having bad working conditions in their factories. 2,457 more words


The brain-in-itself: Kant, Schopenhauer, cybernetics and neuroscience

Artem Kaznatcheev pointed me to this article on Kant, Schopenhauer, and cybernetics (emphasis added):

Kant introduced the concept of the thing-in-itself for that which will be left of a thing if we take away everything that we can learn about it through our sensations.

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Neglecting to tell you key information.

“Si no existiera la figura de un Dios, entonces todo estaría permitido.” Esta fue una frase que un amigo me compartió después de haberse tomado ya unas cuantas copas de vino. 893 more words