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Postmodern sublime

For my final project I have been looking at the sublime and while I may not be using it within my final piece it is incredibly interesting to read about. 156 more words


Czesław Miłosz and Kantian Reality

Czesław Miłosz was born in Lithuania 1911, subsequently moving to Wilno, Poland, where he grew up. His poetry spans a remarkably wide time frame (1931-2001), but his work is not restricted to such. 1,935 more words


What Did Lessing, Schleiermacher, and Kant do to the Bible and the Way we Interpret It?

How did we get to where we have gotten theologically exegetically in our current state, whether ‘Liberal’ or ‘evangelical’ in the modern-post/modern period? How has a ‘reasonable faith’ impeded upon a revealed faith such… 695 more words

Biblical Theology

Two Critiques of Materialism

1. What are you most certain of and how do you know it?  Let’s say you’re pretty sure about many things but most certain about mathematical truths (e.g., an equilateral triangle has three 60 degree angles).  536 more words

Cultural History

Inappropriate Poetic Subjects #4 - The Ontological Argument

Imagine the greatest thing there is
To be great, it should “be”
If it’s not there, it’s not so great
And that’s ontology

If anything at all is here… 39 more words

Original Poems

What sound

Polish version

Some philosophical questions can be really confusing.


Armada Music presents Deep House Selection, Vol. 2

When Armada Music affirmed their release of Deep House Selection Vol.1, it seemed dicey enough to proclaim it a sure shot success. Look at the title above and here we are! 288 more words

New Release