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Gabriel Liiceanu: God is dead, long live God

Cine n-a auzit de vorba lui Nietzsche Gott ist tot, „Dumnezeu a murit”? Evocată la nesfârșit și în cele mai variate contexte, ea și-a pierdut (în cazul în care a avut-o vreodată) semnificația „tridimensională” și s-a fixat într-o platitudine: oamenii au crezut secole la rând în Dumnezeu, dar, de când rațiunea li s-a copt (și asta cam din veacul al XVIII-lea, de la „iluminism” încoace), ei s-au debarasat de o fantasmă. 2,209 more words


Reply to Adrian Piper & Jeppe von Platz

By Katerina Deligiorgi

I am immensely grateful to both my critics for the care and seriousness with which they have treated the arguments in my book… 3,682 more words


Is my network my net worth?

Over the past year, and even more recently, I’ve been told repeatedly that networking is the way to uncover opportunities in this job market. This is proving to be very true. 698 more words


Jeppe von Platz on Katerina Deligiorgi's "The Scope of Autonomy"

By Jeppe von Platz

As with other work on key figures in the history of philosophy, work on Kant’s ethics comes in three genres. First, there are works that pursue the scholarly interest of understanding Kant’s ethics. 4,616 more words


Deontological and Teleological Ethics

Deontology and Teleology are two specialist terms used to separate ethical theories. They difference between deontology and teleology, is in essence, the same as the difference between absolutist and relativist theories. 174 more words


Is marriage a form of prostitution?

This essay will demonstrate that marriage can be viewed as a legal form of prostitution, despite the myths surrounding marriage and sex within marriage. This is mainly due to the obvious economic-sexual transactions that seem to take place within a marriage, which are similar to the transactions that take place between a ‘typical’ prostitute and their client. 1,359 more words