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Philosophy School of Phish with Dr. Bicknell

Dr. Jeanette Bicknell, author of Why Music Moves Us, joined the Philosophy School of Phish for a Google Hangouts discussion.

Students generated the questions in response to Dr. 63 more words


Day two of the Frankfurt Conference

Daniel Herbert reports on the papers presented at the 2nd day of the Frankfurt conference, ‘Bridging Traditions: Idealism and Pragmatism’.

The second day of the conference opened with Marcus Willaschek’s paper, “Kant and Peirce on Belief”.  839 more words


Critique discussion on Kant and non-conceptual content

An interesting discussion of Grüne’s Blinde Anschauung is going on over at Critique.


Beating our digital plowshares into weapons

On Artificial Intelligence as Ethical Prosthesis

Out here in the grim meat-hook present of Reaper missions and Predator drone strikes we’re already well down track to a future in which decisions as to who lives and who dies are made less and less by human beings alone, and more and more by automation. 493 more words


INDIANS BEWARE OF JIM: an introduction to basic ideas in ethics

Ethics is the area of philosophy that is chiefly associated with morality (strictly speaking I am dealing with normative ethics in this post, normative ethics being concerned with what we should do). 1,227 more words


The Soldier, the Citizen, and the Clergyman, with a Postscript on Professors: Kant on Private Reason (Part II)

My previous post examined how Kant distinguished “public” and “private” uses of reason and discussed the differing ways in which he drew this contrast. This one will focus more narrowly on the three examples he offered: an officer following orders from a superior, a clergyman instructing his congregation in the tenets of the faith, and a citizen paying taxes. 6,023 more words

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Here is Part 2 of James Schmidt's posts on "Kant and Private Reason" at Persistent Enlightenment.