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Sneak Peek - Shaolin Punks

Shaolin Punks debuts on August 18th, but it’s too exciting not to share some tidbits of the first episode. Here is an image from Episode 1: We’ll All Be Black Belts Someday… Just Not Today… 29 more words

Goju-ryu kata for fighting (3/3)

In a first part I have briefly discussed general strategies of Goju-ryu style and how it affects kata that represent Goju-ryu as a system and a specific school of karate. 2,033 more words


Self-Defense Tips

Awareness & Attitude

Awareness is critical and simple to practice. Be aware of your surroundings is a bit trickier than you might think. I used to think that I was aware until I bought a motorcycle. 346 more words



Takeda Rina, who has appeared in films the Karate Girl and Dead Sushi, was keen to be involved in throwing the opening pitch of a big Baseball game in Japan on Sunday. 9 more words

David Lader

Takashi Okuma, Hanshi 9th Dan Okinawa Goju-ryu Karatedo Kushinkan

Takashi Okuma, Hanshi 9th Dan Okinawa Goju-ryu Karatedo Kushinkan photographed at Naha’s Budokan on July 16th, 2014.


Sins of the Dragon (2012)

In a world of martial arts and magic, a dark assassin seeks the power of the four “Dragons,” martial arts masters of supernatural strength. When his actions cause the death of a young man’s family, his downfall becomes inevitable. 15 more words

5 Social Marketing Initiatives to Combat Rape in India

Every half an hour, one woman in India gets raped!

I’m not kidding. Google it out.

Haven’t you noticed a sudden upsurge in the frequency and volume of rape cases in India, of late? 698 more words

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