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The Aggressor Calls His Mate

Sunday, 20th July 2014

Lee Mullan, Donna Mullan, Martin Warner, Emma Ager, Chris Oakman & Russell Hawkes all took to the field for another training session.

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Kakie as described by Miyazato Ei’ichi 1978

Source: Miyazato Ei’ichi: Okinawa-den Gōjū-ryū Karate-dō. Jitsugyō no Sekaisha, Tōkyō 1978. p. 52

In the Karate of Okinawa, in Gōjū-ryū only Kakie had been used since a long time as a supporting exercise (hojo-undō). 268 more words

The Perfect Outfit

Janice Kern, TACA Mom and Dang Chic

There was a special event planned for a particular evening. As with most special events, I wanted to pick an outfit for the occasion. 733 more words


One Karate of Oakland

Remember that blog post I wrote last December? The one where I mentioned wanting to start a karate club?

Of course you do dude. You’re the only one that reads your own blog. 755 more words

Kim Jong Un Now Mad About Video of Him (Mostly) Dancing Well

Instead, North Korea has asked China to take the video down, as it threatens the “dignity” of their leader.

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David Lader

Martial Arts Students Develop Lifelong Skills


Students who participate in martial arts classes at a young age can enjoypositive results into adulthood, the York Dispatch reported. When students enroll in team sports, they develop skills necessary to prosper in all areas in their lives. 39 more words

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