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It's OK it's art

Time and again I see the movements of forms dismissed as ‘art’ whether it is the movements themselves or the application that has been demonstrated. The idea that anything is OK if you refer to it as art is not one tht sits well with me. 459 more words


High-Kickin' Japanese Schoolgirls

High-Kick Angels (2014) is an upcoming Japanese martial arts film that follows High Kick Girl! (2009) and its sequel KG: Karate Girl (2011). The first two films starred lovely actress… 660 more words

Action Movies

Where, Exactly, Did these Martial Arts Come From?

Was Shaolin the Birthplace of the Martial Arts?

History is a bastard. Written by the conquerors, it is a fairy tale designed to entertain…and it is designed to please those who would wonder. 479 more words

Choy Lee Fut

Smart Karate

Trying to get my son involved in any extra curricular activity has been difficult. We’ve tried soccer, no go. It’s difficult to be a part of a team when you don’t want to play and you’re on the field. 379 more words


Kick It!

A few months ago, after getting engaged, I signed up for kick boxing at 1-2 Punch in Lake Forest, CA. I have done a few workout classes before, like spin and zumba, but kickboxing has been the best. 85 more words


April Has Been a Busy Month

I just realized that I’ve only posted on my blog twice this month, not including this entry! It’s definitely been a busy month for me. Between appointments, work, life and a family…I just haven’t had as much time to sit and write up posts when I would like to. 673 more words

The Life


2 weeks. The thought of how close it was gave me anxiety. The grading was creeping up on me and every time I realized how close it was I got really nervous. 420 more words