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Conscious Choices in TRUTH

As many of you are now experiencing fully the emotional pull of the old 3d earth created reality has increased dramatically, this is in order to illuminate the residue of the teachings of distortion that were created in order to SUSTAIN said old 3d earth reality.   872 more words


Crystalline Sanctuary updates

As the New Earth energies now allow the anchoring of the rebirth of the GARDEN OF EDEN upon planet earth I have begun updating and placing information on the main… 468 more words


The return to INNOCENCE for the human race in TRUTH

Many of you may have woken up this morning (in a linear context) and felt an overwhelming sense of relief, for many of you there may be tears just about forming on the edge of your vision and yet you may have no “rational” explanation for how you feel at this moment.   691 more words


ALL is frequency and the separation of worlds begins NOW

It has long been stated that the New Earth reality is a SEPARATE reality from that of the old 3d earth created reality and as many of you are now experiencing this will now manifest at a human waking conscious outer reality.   593 more words


GOD message for humanity 14th March 14

I have taken through an audio channeling which has been uploaded as a podcast and can be found HERE.  This is a message from GOD and is direct communication with regard to the energies as they now begin to heighten and how to LET GO in order to embrace the New Earth which is NOW BORN.