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Wall Balls FTW but not for T Rex

It’s the season of online quizzes. I’m a professor at the end of the university undergraduate year so my choice is to grade some more papers or take an online quiz. 132 more words


Video Project (school post)

So…we were supposed to make some sort of video collage and do a small voice over. The collage topic happens to be  about strawberries, which I don’t find to be very exciting. 46 more words


Daddy or "PaPa"

I never see my daddy.
Mama told me,
“Your daddy, he’s a penny lover.”
I never saw my daddy,

That night,
my daddy came to me with a Bible in his hand… 63 more words



She sees her mother’s sarong spotted with blood
Too young to be a woman

She wets her sarong on cement floor
Pours powder detergent

She rubs stiff cotton together to foam… 92 more words


"It has never been about the chalk, its much more deeper than that ……"

Something could be so striking; for me to grab a pen, or open a document and commit to write. Or something leaves me to a point where I want to put those urgent words; in my head, onto a piece of paper. 378 more words

The Encyclopedia of Early Earth

A man from the North Pole meets a woman from the South Pole. It’s love at first sight, but, for mysterious reasons, they cannot touch. The man from Nord, also known as “The Storyteller,” recounts the epic tale of his journey through ancient lands filled with bloodthirsty tribes, tempestuous rulers, and fickle gods to find a lost piece of his soul. 55 more words