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The Importance of the Opening Song

The Importance of the Opening Song


Welcome to Worship

One hundred people enter from all walks of life.  Some are struggling with addictions, some with divorce, some with a job they don’t like, some with mis-behaving children, some with family troubles, some are over-worked, some are in financial ruin, some are dealing with loss, some are looking for work, some struggle with disease, some are overwhelmed, some are near to death, some are depressed, some are insecure, some are feeling heaps of guilt from a signature sin, some are bewildered, some doubt God’s existence, some wonder if God hears their prayers, some need counseling, some are perfectionists, some are burned out, all are sinners, and some actually think they are normal and trouble-free.  463 more words

Choosing Songs

Why Kari Jobe Scored Points In My Book

Performing is hard.

Whether you’re in front of 10,000 people at huge live show or in the booth in front your new high-brow producer, delivering your very best every time you play proves challenging at best. 610 more words

Audio Production

Dose of Grace: Spoken Word

I’ve been wanting to share this video with just about everyone I know. When I first watched it, I was captivated and moved by how powerful Kari Jobe is as a worshiper. 676 more words


"He makes me brave" by Kerry Blacklock

“You make me brave” – Bethel Music & Amanda Cook

When I was about 18 years old I lived in Paia, Maui, Hawaii for 6 months in a house full of mostly American & Canadian girls who were all there to attend a… 673 more words

Soul Food

torture is torture is torture is torture

I vividly remember the sickness in my gut when my country had determined to defame, rape, terrify, waterboard, hood, hang and humilitate human beings. Not that this hasn’t been going on for centuries in dark caves, swat team assaults, the “war on drugs”, basements, MK-Ultra training sessions, hazing events and to millions of children by the world wide ring of satanic, blood drinking rapists and murderers. 159 more words



One difference between Christ and all other alternative beliefs and religions is that He offers rest. Other beliefs call you to work — they provide a list of things you must do to be one of their followers. 97 more words


Kari Jobe Shows off Engagement Ring on Facebook, 'I Still Can't Believe I'm Engaged!'

Facebook: Kari Jobe

Christian worship pastor Kari Jobe announced her engagement to fellow worship pastor Cody Carnes this week, and no the singer is sharing a picture of her engagement ring. 68 more words

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