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Stephen Holmes' Trinity back to the classics and away from the Moderns

Here is a post I began to write back in April of this year as I finished Stephen Holmes’ excellent book The Quest For The Trinity.  618 more words

Karl Barth

The Gospel of St. Matthew and the Virgin Birth

“This is how the birth of Jesus Christ came about,” today’s reading from Matthew’s gospel begins. He describes it through the experience of Joseph, the husband of Mary. 341 more words


Advent Joy

Listen to audio.

Advent Joy
Philippians 1:1-9; Psalm 126

This week, I have been trying to figure out exactly what Paul means when he writes “every I time pray for you, I am filled with joy.” 1,863 more words


How I See Barth

This comes in the context of a facebook discussion, where the issues of Barth being a modalist, his trinitarian theology and doctrine of election were brought up. 475 more words


The Bible In One Hand, A Newspaper In The Other

When Simon and Garfunkel recorded this song, they were doing some of the best Biblical hermeneutics imaginable.  Practicing what Karl Barth allegedly said about theology – that it’s done with the Bible in one hand and a daily paper in the other – they confronted Christmas 1966 with the realities of the day opposed directly with the sweet German Christmas song, “Silent Night”.   1,201 more words

Christian Faith

"Persons" in the Doctrine of the Trinity (and whither Barth?)

If you have not read it yet, you must read Peter Leithart’s review of Khaled Anatolios’ defense of “person” language, and what that entails, in the doctrine of the Trinity: 91 more words

Karl Barth

This and that

Remember when people received so many Christmas cards in the mail that they could use them as a decorative device at home? Well, times have certainly changed, haven’t they? 461 more words