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Viewing Good Friday Through Luther, Augustine, and Barth

First, a confession: I wasted too many years as a pastor trying to ratchet up the statistics by reading books on church growth, which almost invariably had me laying prostrate before the Almighty Flow Chart.  1,893 more words

Who is Jesus? Why was He Crucified?

During the three and a half years of His ministry, Jesus was asked a total of 81 questions. These concerned all manner of topics big and small. 1,163 more words


In God, subordination is not deprivation

It would be helpful to read a prior post: “Subordination in God, modal not personal.” That was a brief distillation of why I disagree with Kevin Giles, in his commendable work against… 1,134 more words

Karl Barth

Zwischen Den Zeiten

After the explosion of the New Theology after the First World War, Karl Barth, along with his good friend Eduard Thurneysen, and later Friedrich Gogarten, began a theological journal entitled Zwischen Den Zeiten, which means  875 more words

Christian Faith

Prayer is Hope in Action

To clasp hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising against the disorder of the world.

– Karl Barth


Part 5. A Rebuttal Against “The Institutes of the Christian Religion” In Light of Ultimate Reconciliation

Posted By Thomas Perez. November 10, 2010 at 11:13pm. Copyright 2010

Calvin’s 10th and 11th point is only in reference to a rebuttal he had against the Arminian school of thought pertaining to the supposed preposition that some are indeed capable of righteousness before election, therefore guaranteeing such favor. 4,248 more words

Universal Salvation And The Ultimate Reconciliation Of All

What is Natural Theology? and Why It Should be Abhorred.

Often I reference Natural Theology on my forum/blog, but I do not often give an explanation for what it is in a basic sense. So with this post I hope to quickly remedy that by providing a basic definition of what natural… 1,593 more words

Karl Barth