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Integrating Biology and Botany into the Visual Arts and Vice Versa

As I continue to try to attract other departments within the school into the gallery, I find the perfect exhibition in the form of Hayward Touring exhibition: Karl Blossfeldt | Art Forms in Nature. 557 more words


Final pictures

This is my final picture for my Steve Chong work. I have taken the image from the left of the shoes by Lisa Milroy and how she puts them in couples and groups then combined it with Steve Chongs still life fruit work. 270 more words

Still LIfe

Evaluation of shoot 2

This is a juxapostion on Karl Blossfeldt photo on the left and mine on the right

This is good because my photo looks like something Blossfeldt would take. 52 more words

Still LIfe

Unit 1 - Experimenting

These are some of my photos that i’ve tried to experiment with as in put into groups of fruit like Lisa Milroy does and I also tried different angles with some photos. 45 more words

Still LIfe

Unit 1 - Still Life Karl Blossfeldt style

I was inspired to take these photos by the photographer Karl Blossfeldt. Blossfeldt works with nature and in black and white. he takes close-up photos of plants and trees that look really interesting. 83 more words

Still LIfe