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Synchronicity + gluten free pumpkin scones

I’m going to embrace my inner barefoot hippie and talk a bit about synchronicity. Have you experienced it in your life? It’s a cool idea I was introduced to through my holistic nutrition studies, and one that I’ve been thinking a bit about recently. 671 more words


Article on M C Raj (Originally published in German)

Extract „Generalanzeiger“
31st May / 1st June 2014

By Isabella Bauer
Compensation for past injustice, protective measures in the present, self-assertion, forgiveness in societies, political healing processes – these are subjects Manickam Casmir (MC) Raj is interested in. 1,688 more words


Light of Life

Just before his death Mark Twain wrote: “A myriad of men are born; they labor and sweat and struggle; they squabble and fight; they scramble for little mean advantages over each other; age creeps upon them; infirmities follow; those they love are taken from them, and the joy of life is turned to aching grief. 93 more words


Day 10- "Big Girls Don't Cry"- Frankie Valli

Well it happened people! I sat through a 3 hour musical- JERSEYBOYS. the life of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons! If that’s not a testament to this surgery I guess I can’t think of what would be! 393 more words

I Need A Hero: The Evolution of the Protagonist

Brace yourselves, people. I’m going to try and get both philosophical and political.

Literary Development

The development of the lead figure that we recognise today as the ‘hero’ is quite well documented, at least in technical terms. 1,026 more words