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August Nimtz - The Marxist Basis of Lenin's Electoral Strategy

August Nimtz “‘The Ballot’ and/or ‘the Streets’: The Marxist Basis of Lenin’s Electoral Strategy” – A Report on a Book Project Historical Materialism Conference 2012… 241 more words

The metropolis, money, and abstraction

What follows is an extract, some preliminary research, from an essay I’m working on with Sammy Medina. It’s in very rough form, and over-footnoted. Much of it will have to be cut. 2,072 more words


"Atlas Shrugged", III:7, "Täällä puhuu John Galt"


Atlas Shrugged -romaanin keskeinen osuus on John Galtin radiopuhe. Tämä massiivinen yhteiskuntafilosofinen ohjelmajulistus vie romaanista kaikkiaan kuusikymmentä sivua, ja kuulemani mukaan monet romaanin läpi selanneet jättävät sen suosiolla lukematta. 3,108 more words


Engels on the Exaltation of Man

So much is certain: comparative physiology gives one a withering contempt for the idealistic exaltation of man over the other animals. At every step one is forced to recognise the most complete uniformity of structure with the rest of the mammals, and in its main features this uniformity extends to all vertebrates and even – in a less distinct way – to insects, crustaceans, tapeworms, etc. 124 more words



I started out today thinking about chastising the careless use of the term “tolitarianism” by both Left and Right—who generally accuse their opponents of the T word. 385 more words


Breu: Filosofia barata

A vegades m’agrada fer filosofia barata perquè qualsevol me la pot comprar. Escriure-la fa molt bé i llegir-la fa poc mal.

Posem per cas que dins l’ésser humà hi ha dues expressions antagòniques, dues pulsions essencials que modulen la seva conducta. 304 more words


Final Proposal: Socialism in the interwar period

For my final project, I am thinking about attempting a rather political undergoing, in analyzing the socialist sentiments underlying some of the works of the interwar period that we have examined in this class. 429 more words