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Neal Boortz talks government schools and Karl Marx

Why buy school supplies only if they’re going to be confiscated at school and redistributed?

According to Neal Boortz, this is the kind of thing that happens often in public schools. 113 more words

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Entreprenuership is the solution

When a recession bites and companies and jobs start to disappear there is often a demand for government intervention to counteract these effects…

The Austrian economist… 203 more words

Quote of the Day

A man cannot become a child again, or he becomes childish.

—Karl Marx


Clear and Present Dangers . . . Lucas Jackson & the Captain

Captain, Road Prison 36: You gonna get used to wearin’ them chains afer a while, Luke. Don’t you never stop listenin’ to them clinking. ‘Cause they gonna remind you of what I been saying. 33 more words

Clear And Present Dangers

Conclusion of Capitalism: The Bottom Line

Marx’s theory presents us with a serious criticism of capitalism as his theory of historical materialism leads him to claim that the economic forces around us are powerful enough to shape our attitudes about what is valuable in life… 171 more words

Essay Exam 1 : Marx and Dialectic Materialism - KayelynWright

Our objective for the first exam was to come up with how we would tell fellow faculty members to help their students understand the significance of getting that Marx was a Dialectic Materialist.   335 more words

Karl Marx

Sarah Exam 1

First of all I didn’t use too much of the creative aspect of our prompt. I don’t actually feel that comfortable doing creative writing and was therefore hesitant to really engage in that manner. 360 more words

Karl Marx