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I’m a huge Ricky Gervais fan. So I’m always excited when there’s news of an upcoming Gervais project. But the news of Gervais’ latest project has filled me with excitement, and diarrhoea. 766 more words


Whaddaya know?

Here’s a question which most people are unlikely to find extremely difficult to answer, as long as they speak even very basic English. I admit to harbouring doubts that someone who lives in the last few remaining square feet of the Amazon rain forest and has never heard a word of the language could spit out a snappy reply, although (now that I think of it) with a bit of slow speech and some pointing I expect they would probably get there in under twenty seconds. 2,267 more words


Karl Pilkington is my hero.



Karl Pilkington is my hero. 

This is really all. 


Me mum used to always have the radio on – even now she has it on in every room. 263 more words


Karl At The Wall

If you haven’t seen Karl Pilkington’s visit to China then you are depriving yourself of a great amount of fun.  I am not afraid to admit that I see a bit of myself in his adventures.


On the dangers of thinking too much, or, my life as illustrated through this blog

So my last few posts have been pretty intense.

It’s not that I’m feeling more depressed or manic than usual – it’s the opposite, really: I finally feel that I’m at a more stable place than I have been in quite awhile. 401 more words