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Listen, Read, and Watch this Weekend

I thought about writing something about ten times today.  But nothing came.  Could it have been the fact that it was as hot as Africa out?   533 more words

'Derek' recap: New series, new beginnings

Season 2 | Episode 1 | Aired Apr 23, 2014 (UK Channel 4)

After a perfect finale, the original series of Derek looked to be one and done. 1,320 more words

Top 5 moments of 'Derek,' season 1

Season 1 of Derek is an unexpected joy. Full of excellent performances, deft writing and the ability to tug heart strings without being corny or cheesy, … 692 more words

'Derek' recap: A touching finale

Season 1 | Episode 7 | Aired Mar 6, 2013 (UK Channel 4)

When The Community at Entertainment Weekly first reached out to me to do show recaps, they sent around a list of programs available to cover. 1,626 more words

26 June 2014

Today I took a picture of a Dougie.


'Derek' recap: The talent show

Season 1 | Episode 6 | Aired Feb 27, 2013 (UK Channel 4)

When last we saw our pals, they were frolicking on the beach, dealing with snooty old classmates and writing dirty words on crabs. 1,484 more words