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What I'm Watching on Netflix this Week

It had officially taken me five months to fall back into reality after leaving Europe. That must be some sort of new record. Let me clarify, I have only started to wake up from my dream world. 660 more words



Contrary to what my employers seem to believe, I am extraordinarily unfit for my day job which is sometimes also a night job and occasionally a weekend job, even when I don’t have work to do—it sticks with me, a kind of trivial, biting toxicity requiring at least twenty-four hours of away time to purge from my system, according to my physician. 4,505 more words

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The Moaning of Life by Karl Pilkington

I have finished it on Wednesday, but I already got a little rusty talking about this book! Karl Pilkington gave me an impression of a presenter who got unlucky all the time, and that he ranted and ranted all along concerning his unfortunate series of events, and that I had that human nature of schadenfreude laughing at him. 721 more words


Chase Your Dreams. 3: Lands End to John O' Groats: CHECK.

It was Walt Disney who so famously said “If you can dream it, you can do it” all those years ago. Now if I’m honest, I can’t blame Walt for seeing my dream of cycling the length of the U.K. 417 more words

8 Karl Pilkington Quotes To Cheer You Up.

I adore the fact that I am from the North of England. I come from a city where “You little shit” is a term of endearment and I think that is just magnificent. 527 more words