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'War on Women' Motivates Voters for Midterm Election, Poll Finds

The “War on Women” seems to be working.

Voters such as women and minorities, who often turn out in smaller numbers during off-year elections, are more motivated to vote when they feel women’s access to birth control and abortion are threatened, and if women and families’ economic security is imperiled, according to… 656 more words

Tax Cuts for the Rich Scam

A very impressive and elaborate scheme Grifters know the wealthy will drink it up like a thirsty runner. In a Marilyn Monroe voice, “Tax cuts for the rich,” is a salacious melody of words Grifters whisper to the wealthy. 78 more words


Memo to the GOP: Here’s How to Win Big This FALL

This is from Steve Deace.

Watch  Karl Rove and the Establishment Republicans screw things up.

Despite an environment that is as favorable to Republicans as 2006 was to Democrats, the Grand Old Party is struggling to seize the opportunity that is the 2014 election. 314 more words

Amanda Curtis... Montana's Candidate

Attending the political rally for Amanda Curtis the other day, brought home to me the huge contrast between the two candidates for US Senate.

  • The Curtis campaign is financed by a grassroots organization.
  • 208 more words

Amanda Curtis in Bozeman

Yesterday I had the opportunity to shake hands and speak a few words with US Senate candidate Amanda Curtis. It was at a rally on the campus of Montana State University. 114 more words

Ryan Zinke... Chest Thumper

Ryan Zinke, far right GOP candidate for congress, spends most of his time bragging about having been a Navy Seal team leader. He even seems to suggest that he was somewhat involved in the capture of Osama bin Ladin. 69 more words

DCCC email: 'We're getting steamrolled by Karl Rove,' 'worst week so far'

OFA took the sweet/creepy route today with its fundraising mail, with “Barack Obama” telling recipients, “I need you.” If you thought that sounded desperate, you probably didn’t receive the email from the DCCC, with the all-caps header, “ACCEPT DEFEAT.” 261 more words

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