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Here's 5 times Megyn Kelly absolutely nailed it

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly has made even more of a name for herself in the last year as a powerful voice in conservative journalism. In contrast to some of her colleagues, Kelly has shown that she won’t always drink the right-wing kool-aid (or left-wing, for that matter) so many have criticized the network for extolling. 616 more words

The Media

The Art of Cult Branding

The Persuaders

PBS Frontline (2005)

Film Review

Unlike The Century of the Self, The Persuaders focuses more on contemporary public relations techniques. This PBS documentary begins by examining growing industry concerns that consumers are becoming “immune” to the unconscious messaging Edward Bernays perfected. 442 more words

Attacks On Civil Liberties

The Deplorable State of American Politics

The cartoon above, from the strip “Pogo,” first appeared in 1952.  Walt Kelly produced this comic strip from 1948 to 1975.  Pogo Possum was a humble, personable and philosophical character who spoke on many subjects.  705 more words


Hillary Clinton applauds establishment Republicans and big business

 You read the headline; before you read  any further what do you think could possibly make bedfellows (sorry for the mental image) of Hillary Clinton, the Republican establishment, and big business? 371 more words


Hangin’ with Harry…

A little time, some distance, since Eric Cantor was shown the door in Virginia. Apparently, Dave Brat was a hero of the dreaded tea party, that amorphous group of conservatives that cause moderate republicans to swear and liberals to wretch. 1,169 more words


Facts are Bad News for Republicans in November...

and they’re why they won’t win the White House in 2016

Look around you, one in three women have had an abortion.  And, they vote. 210 more words

2014 Elections

Obamacare continues to be a big problem

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan has her Republican opponent right where she wants him geographically — and, therefore, politically. 993 more words