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DCCC email: 'We're getting steamrolled by Karl Rove,' 'worst week so far'

OFA took the sweet/creepy route today with its fundraising mail, with “Barack Obama” telling recipients, “I need you.” If you thought that sounded desperate, you probably didn’t receive the email from the DCCC, with the all-caps header, “ACCEPT DEFEAT.” 268 more words

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The War on Women, Cont.

It’s long been the position of this blog that there is a War on Women, and that it is a front in the larger… 413 more words


Senate Democrats' Campaign Arm Starts Ads In Colorado

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican Senate hopeful Cory Gardner’s opposition to abortion rights “is way too extreme for Colorado,” women voters say in ads Senate Democrats’ campaign arm began running Thursday. 398 more words


Amanda Curtis... Her presence being felt

I found it quite interesting that as soon as Amanda Curtis was chosen to run for the US Senate seat against GOP candidate Steve Daines, the Montana Republican Party came out with an attack ad against her. 162 more words

Amanda Curtis.... A breath of fresh air

This past weekend The Montana Democratic Party chose Amanda Curtis to run for the US Senate against multi-millionaire Steve Daines.

She is a young, intelligent, vigorous high school teacher. 131 more words

Steve Daines & Veterans II

A couple of days ago I received another propaganda piece from Rep. Daines extolling about how wonderful he is. Again, it was about how good he is to vets. 116 more words

(Col Sellin) ...Is Obama a country molester or just a fedophile? by LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD ~ ~ Family Security Matters

Is Obama a country molester or just a fedophile?by LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD

August 15, 2014When most people imagine a country molester, they picture some ugly, old man in a trench coat like… 722 more words

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