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Obamacare Proving to Be Dems Undoing in Midterms

Since the Demonrats passed Obamacare, without reading it, it looks like they are going to suffer the consequences come the November election, and Republicans won’t have to do anything, to point out who’s responsible for our health insurance mess.   224 more words

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Karl Rove's Strategic Concealment Initiative

by Timothy Birdnow,  American Thinker

Karl Rove has come under fire for masterminding the Bush Administration policy of hiding the discovery of stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. 111 more words


Of Sleeping Dogs and WMD

The late Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction are back in the news, and they’re proving an embarrassment to both sides of the debate about the Iraq War. 817 more words


10/21/14...democracy or serfdom...it's up to you!

Quote of the Day from the Friars Club Encyclopedia of Jokes: “Bigamy is having one wife too many. Monogamy is the same thing.” – anon… 1,765 more words


Chuck Baldwin -- Ryan Zinke: The Greater Evil

By Chuck Baldwin

October 9, 2014NewsWithViews.com

Republican hacks are famous for promoting the “lesser of two evils” mantra.

The idea goes something like this, “No matter how bad or evil a Republican candidate might be, the… 514 more words

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Roving Off the Reservation

Although we like to think ourselves rock-ribbed Republicans in the conservative tradition of Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, and Calvin Coolidge, we can’t quite work up the requisite red-hot hatred of Karl Rove. 781 more words