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Christie Blatchford: Media and courts treat women like delicate little flowers instead of full human beings

It’s called “the chivalry hypothesis,” and as Dr. Rob Whitley says, what it suggests is that judges and journalists tend to portray men as villains and women as victims. 1,038 more words

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Barbara Kay: Paul Bernardo's 'fiancée' is disordered, but she's not alone

In the annals of Canadian crime, the sexually sadistic murderers Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka stand out for the extraordinary horror they evoked in the nation. 857 more words

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Paul Bernardo has right to communicate with bride-to-be: MacKay

TORONTO – Federal Justice Minister Peter MacKay said despite public outcry, the government can’t prevent convicted killer Paul Bernardo from communicating with his reported bride-to-be. 347 more words


Peter MacKay: Can't stop Bernardo from communicating with the outside world

HALIFAX — Federal Justice Minister Peter MacKay says there’s nothing the government can do to prevent Paul Bernardo from communicating with a woman who is reportedly planning to marry the convicted killer. 177 more words


Christie Blatchford: There are reasons beyond salaciousness to revive the story of Paul Bernardo

It’s the story that just won’t go away, and more’s the pity.

Most often, it’s been the convicted felon Karla Homolka who has unpleasantly floated to the surface of public consciousness now and then — now with the news of her marriage (to the brother of her Montreal prison lawyer, o sweet justice!), then that she was a mother, most recently two years ago when journalist Paula Todd tracked her down to the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, where she lives with her hubby and their three youngsters. 847 more words

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Paul Bernardo intends to marry 30-year-old Ontario woman who thinks notorious sex killer is innocent: report

Notorious sex killer Paul Bernardo is set to marry a woman he wooed through correspondence, the Toronto Sun reported Thursday.

Bernardo — convicted of the grisly murders of two teens in 1995 — is a dangerous offender and will unlikely ever see the light of day. 440 more words