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Here's Some Awesome Audio From Revere Residents About The Tornado

No corrections today, just a bunch of goofy soundbytes of people from Revere talking about the tornado. People making weird noises and exaggerating their descriptions of the storm. 139 more words

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Will Jon Lester Be Traded?

The Red Sox aren’t doing so well this season, and last nights 14-1 beating by the Blue Jays might be near rock bottom. Now the questions is, will… 93 more words

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"Moose The Mensa Guy" Takes the Genius Test

K&M were wondering recently, who is their smartest listener? The winner was a guy named “Moose”, who they sent to take the Mensa test. He took it – but does he have a genius IQ? 79 more words

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Stephen Hawking is a Swinger

Stephen Hawking is a member of a California strip club. His entourage includes Nurses and assistants – can you say awkward?

How exactly does he “make it rain”? 78 more words

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A Whale-Watching Boat Got Stranded in the Ocean for Hours

So a whale watching boat ran over a lobster trap and the rope from the trap wrapped around the prop. The people on the boat were stranded out there for hours. 93 more words

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The NYPD Had To Fight "Spider-Man" in Times Square [VIDEO]

By Matt Dolloff (@mattdolloff)

WARNING: Video contains NSFW language

The New York Police Dept. typically has Spider-Man on their side, but this time they had to fight… 274 more words

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