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Ernie the Elf Speed Dials the Last Naughty Ones on His List

Ernie the Christmas Elf is very busy so he had to speed dial the rest of the naughty people on his list. Listen to how it went down. 104 more words

Karlson & McKenzie

2014 Year-In-Review Christmas Letters

You know those annoying letters people send at Christmas with how they did all year? Well we decided to write ours and read them on air. 98 more words

Karlson & McKenzie

We Found Out That a Certain Christmas Carol is Based in Massachusetts

We came across a story about Jingle Bells. Turns out the story is based right here in the Boston area. Listen to Kyna Hamill explain. 98 more words

Karlson & McKenzie

Ernie Takes Naughty Melissa to Task!

Melissa has been a bad girl regarding her wedding. It was brought to Ernie the Christmas Elf attention to take care of. Take a listen. 104 more words

Karlson & McKenzie

Stand Up Throwdown Rematch! Jackson vs. Ashley

Ashley lost to Jackson the first time on the Throwdown. She wanted a rematch and got it. Listen to see how it went down.

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Karlson & McKenzie