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Boston Man's Stench Sets Off Bomb-Sniffer At Logan Airport

When is some too much? When it comes to cologne, it might just be any at all. Someone returning from Florida was stopped by the TSA because his cologne set off the “sniffer”, alerting the reader to explosives. 130 more words

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NASCAR Driver Greg Biffle

Greg Biffle joined K&M with talk of his latest race, as well as the future race at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Greg was not aware that Dick Vitale is in town to promote NASCAR, and was surprised a basketball guy would even be there. 208 more words

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Kevin Made Patriots Legend Tedy Bruschi Wait for His Haircut at the Barbershop

Kevin just got a new haircut with his usual barber, when a surprise guest pulled up: Patriots legend Tedy Bruschi! Yes, the same Tedy Bruschi who won three Super Bowls as a crucial member of the Pats defense. 251 more words

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Senseless Survey 9.17.14

Today’s victim answers questions about Incorrect passwords being correct, milk percentages, calories as yummy points, banning acoustic guitars and more!


101 more words

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The 'Coyote Guy' Might Be The Ultimate Badass [VIDEO]

Talents. We all have one or two.

Leonardo Da Vinci painted masterpieces and designed flying machines, Beethoven composed music, and Andrew Carnegie monopolized the hell out of the country in the late 1800s. 223 more words

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Does Stealing Corn from a Cornfield Make You a Bad Person?

Does That Make Me A Bad Person returns; most of you listeners calling about what boils down to theft, and one of you does not seem to understand the whole ‘Anon-e-moose’ concept. 133 more words

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