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Happy Thanksgiving!

Even during the worst of times, I try never to forget that I have an enormous amount for which to be thankful. Virtually everyone reading this post does, since my small but loyal cadre of blog followers are all Americans (even my friend David, who may have started a Brit, but we don’t hold it against him).   285 more words

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Destiny is no third party! 

Destiny is no third party! It is the steam of our own unconsumed and unworked out past in the form of subtle and intense thought waves of unrequited desires returning to us again to get solidified and shaped up as we had once wished them to be in the deep layers of our  astral, mental, and super mental selves and as has been best possible in a sea of a plethora of similar aspiring minds swimming in the ocean of divine creation! 108 more words

Spiritual Perspective

Be Thankful

“Be Thankful and tell someone why you’re glad to have them in your life. Spread Love.”–Wood, IG:@woodtheinspiration

Thank you for reading.


Having both the opportunity & ability
2 upgrade ourselves creates responsibility.

Having the chance, by being born as a human,
decide & determine, what our future Lives will be,
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If 4 the sake
of our ‘short Life’
we increase our delusions by trivial
worldly matters, we decrease the chance
4 rebirth in the realms of human existence.
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Karma's a Bitch

I’m Muslim and so I don’t believe in Karma (but only its Hindu reincarnation part) I do believe that what goes around, comes around. And I have witnessed it first-hand. 183 more words

The Three (plus one) Wise Men: Popes of Our Time – Part I

 A bit on Christmas, Karma, Mercy, and Scripture

 “Sige, kapag makulit ka,

walang regalo sa’yo si Santa.

It’s the best ruse that both peeves and chastens rowdy kids during yuletide – be good, or you’ll have no gifts on your Christmas stockings!

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