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Soul Connection: The Reconnection & After

After the long-awaited question, “when will my soul connection return?”  What the heck happens when they actually do??  What happens after?  People will ask, “How did it happen?”  “How did it feel?” 527 more words

Spiritual Growth

The meaning of life…..

Pretty deep right…? I am not very religious, I don’t really pray or go to church, but I believe that good things happen to good people, I believe there is a reason for everything, I believe that what happens to us has some kind of meaning, reason. 291 more words


Phase out your life

Just as a play or movie unfolds scene by scene, so, too, life unfolds in phases. The students of today will qualify as adult, working members of society tomorrow. 267 more words

Surekha Kothari


There is some God given talent in all of us. Some have been endowed with more than one. As children, we exhibit a definite aptitude for particular subjects. 267 more words

Surekha Kothari

Am I a Bad Person

The feelings I am going to express are less pronounced at the moment as I don’t have a trade on; however, I do remain a proud bear. 502 more words


Dear Universe...

I woke up late for work this morning. Not necessarily work itself, but I woke up at precisely 9am, which is actually the time I need to be heading out the door if I’m going to make it to work by 9:45am — traffic, construction, and potentially coffee if I haven’t had time to make myself a cup that morning. 920 more words

Thinking Aloud