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Karma + Kerouac

 Evelyn always maintaining that she and I were really made for each other but her Karma was to serve Cody in this particular lifetime, which I really believe and I believe she loves him, too, but she’d say… 191 more words

Chapter 6: The Wheel of Transmittance

Each spirit particle is birthed into life with the purpose of obtaining eternal life. Or the continuous flow of life. However, as we know a human vessel can go against it’s course, thus disrupting their life. 609 more words

Affinity To Life: The Transmittance Of Christ

new moon didi before writing down the story...

now thinking no, on the yoga teacher training.  like it’s one too many eggs in too many baskets.  need to focus on my book.  how many times can i say this over and over?   803 more words

Creative Writing

White Man Injustice "Brought Home" Through Friends

by Alan Eggleston

I was shocked.

I don’t know why, I should have expected what our friends told me. But for some reason, I thought Whites had overcome their intolerance for Native Americans. 1,424 more words


Warrior Delusions

So, I used to believe I was literally the reincarnation of Arjuna. I mentioned that in a previous post. The funny thing is, this was a common enough kind of delusion during my ayahuasca days. 548 more words


With You in Mind

A new moon brings with it a new day,

and with you in mind,

I bow my head and pray,

that this love will be held in the highest regard… 88 more words

A Tiny Little Thing Called Karma

Ahhh karma. We all know who you are. You’re that little voice inside our heads when we are about to do something that could have repercussions later. 326 more words