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Chatting about Tall Poppy Writers with Ann Garvin

Brainchild of Ann GarvinTall Poppy Writers is a brilliant blend of authors  who pool resources to cheer each other on and help get the word out about their books. 36 more words


What goes around comes around

I am  dedicating this paper cut to those people , who were really rude with me for no reason…. 6 more words

Paper Cut

Mindful traveling

Traveling only makes sense when you can actually fully enjoy the moment, right?

I personally like getting things done. I am not so good at enjoying the achievement. 601 more words

Travel Preparations

Past lives

If the idea of karma and past lives and all of that is true, then I must have done something pretty bad along the way. I know I should be grateful for my blessings, which include a place to live, food to eat, and two wonderful and healthy children, but it is hard to get past all of the obstacles in my path lately. 233 more words

Tena Vina Trunamapi na Chalati

Tena Vina Trunamapi Na Chalati….!!

It’s an old saying in Sanskrit, meaning “without him, not even a single grass can move”. “HIM” here refers to GOD…now let’s analyze this statement. 470 more words




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dare not.

You speak of love like you knew
When in truth, you only know a thing or two
You speak of pain constantly
When other people have lived through it, chained and unfree… 68 more words

Thoughts ♪♫♪