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Sitting solo at a bar top was a juvenescent woman. Quite comely, very beautiful. Although without mentioning, alone in an environment as she was, it was something that did not go unnoticed. 415 more words


Hang On A Rope Or Baited Breath, Whichever You Prefer

From day one I talked about getting out, but not forgetting about how my worst fears are letting out, he said, why put a new address on the same old loneliness, when breathing just passes the time, until we all just get old and die”- Fall Out Boy in “Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying” 702 more words

Growth Loves Music

"I Miss the Comfort in Being Sad"

“It’s so relieving
To know that you’re leaving as soon as you get paid
It’s so relaxing
To hear that you’re asking wherever you get your way…

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Dear Diary

Karmic Freedom

Each turn of the karmic wheel,

brings smiles and tears of pain,

One moment we’re up, the next we’re down

Oh, how the Immortals must laugh at this game!


Another AAA beat down

Friday morning I had to run to the Ace hardware store to pick up some paint and paint stuff. I also needed to hit the Cal-Mart grocery store, which is right next to the hardware store, to replenish my food stocks. 633 more words


cotton candy and destruction

the whispers

words so soft

floating music

tales and lunacy

i remember days

i called you friend

before the pomp

before the lies

before the malice… 110 more words

Random Rantings Of A Madwoman