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What we're all really looking for

Well, buddies, I haven’t posted in days. I even missed my next ‘Friday with Friends’ slot, despite having a great post from my blogger buddy Liz. 486 more words

Break Up


Revenge can be a funny thing. For one person to be done so wrong that they will go to any length to right this wrong. Those lengths go without means. 331 more words


5 Truths That Lead To A Fulfilled Life

I recently had an epiphany about my life and life in general, and when it hit me my body froze as if it couldn’t move. I don’t get epiphanies like this often so when I do, I pay attention.. 1,776 more words

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Remember where you've been

This past year (not even a whole year yet) has brought more growth than I can ever remember happening in my life. I still can’t tell you where I’m going because the journey continues revealing itself, but I can tell you that I’m walking the path! 53 more words


Yoga Sūtra 2.14

sati mūle tad-vipākaḥ jāti-āyuḥ-bhogāḥ

When the root exists, birth, duration of life, and the perceptions of pleasure or pain (characterize) the ripening of (karma).

This sūtra deals with the concept of cause and effect, and according to the… 251 more words

Yoga Sūtra

What goes around...

Do you believe in karma?

I never used to. It seemed like something people just said.

The Buddhist belief that whatever you do or put out into the world will come back to you – it seems difficult to comprehend when you look into the world and see murder, destruction, and good lives impacted by hateful actions all around you. 410 more words