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Kasey's Secret Past

Last night several lines of thunderstorms rolled through central Ohio.  As the lightning flashed and the thunder clashed and rumbled, it sent Kasey to quivering.  Penny is oblivious to outdoor storms, but they terrify Kasey and send her darting for the nearest human being to cower beside. 387 more words


The Fantastic Two-Dog Complete Morning Workout

Mr. and Mrs. America, are you tired? 

Are you tired of being overweight and out of shape?  Are you tired of buying expensive rowing machines, treadmills, and stairsteppers that now just gather dust in your bedrooms and basements?  733 more words


The Dog Barf Punishment

I sort of anticipated it.

When you’ve worked a full day and then decided, just for the hell of it, to go out for a beer with your colleagues after work — for the first time in years, mind you — you should expect that the Fates will discipline you.  243 more words


That Hangdog Expression

Kish is up visiting family in Vermilion, and without her around Penny and Kasey think the house has gone to the dogs.  They obviously miss her, which is why they’ve got that hangdog expression.  39 more words


A Day When It All Goes To Hell

It had been a perfectly good day.  A productive day at work, pleasantly mild weather, a nice walk back to my car.  And that’s when the trouble started and the star-crossed day really began. 324 more words


The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

Sometimes the Leader can’t sleep at night.  When that happens, she goes to another room to read a book, and I go with her.  147 more words


Sable Pass-Calico Creek-Sanctuary River

We got a very late start on the trip. I forgot what a hassle dealing with getting a backcountry permit in Denali & viewing videos. It took forever. 484 more words