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Wallpaper of The Week: Akatsuki

One of my favourite characters in Log Horizon, Akatsuki, will be my next selection for this week’s wallpaper. Although I know there is a Shiroe cameo facing his back, I think since the focus of attention is on Akatsuki, it’s really appropriate to use the title of Akatsuki anyway.


Picture of The Day: Yamato 3

It’s rare for me to see Yamato from Kantai Collection (Kancolle) to wield a sword and such I nominate her again to be in the Picture of The Day selection today. 41 more words


Getting started with IdentityServer v3

Last night I started working on a getting started tutorial for IdentityServer v3 – while writing it, it became clear, that a single walkthrough will definitely not be enough to show the various options you have – anyways I started with the canonical “authentication for MVC scenario”, and it is work in progress. 11 more words


Tatsu Yamashiro (Katana)

Also Arrow came back to our screens this week, and we have a couple of brand new characters to speak about. Ladies first, so we’ll start from the woman who  980 more words


Girl, your shoes... they suck.

Sigh. I saw it coming. When I went to this fancy disco party boulder place for the first time, I had some money left from my birthday and got myself climbing shoes. 203 more words


OpenID Connect Hybrid Flow and IdentityServer v3

One of the features we added in Beta 2 is support for hybrid flow (see spec). What is hybrid flow – and why do I care? 1,169 more words


Arrow, Season Opener 'The Calm': Thoughts, Spoilers Ahoy!


Having just watched the new episode of Arrow, I am pretty happy with the way they have decided to kick off the season. 493 more words