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Shinsakuto ~ Tanka VII

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I  am newly made and marked

Brightly honed and strong

Handled and hammered by rage

These curves now forged razor sharp

~ kei
19 August 2014


Personal Thoughts

Flashback: Kamandi, "The Flash: Rebirth" Wally West, "Outsiders" Grace, Katana, Damage

We’re back to a mixed bag of DC favorites, with some individuals and some new team members.

This started out as a simple idea – parts-swapping galore, with an Ultimate Sabretooth hairpiece, some acetoned-down fleshtone arms, a fleshtone torso and Stargirl legs. 512 more words


#Usagi Yojimbo - "The Last Request"

   I am always down for the Ronin Rabbit, the Heroic Hare, the Bunny of Bushido. I could keep going but you would hunt me down and break my laptop ;) Sit back, watch and enjoy.