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OWIN and Katana part 4: Web API on top of OWIN


In the previous post in this series we wrote a couple of OWIN middleware components and chained them together. We actually achieved quite a lot in a low level console application: it hosts a simple web server which receives HTTP requests, it processes the requests with Katana components and performs some elementary logging. 1,760 more words


Katanas Are Fucking Stupid

Listen up, you weeaboo asshole. The katana isn’t special.

Ever seen these animu morons on the internet who go on about the katana and its super awesome lightning fast slash? 183 more words


IdentityServer v3 and Azure WebSites (and other Deployment Simplifications)

(applies to preview 1)

A common request for IdentityServer was being able to run on Azure WebSites (or other constrained deployment environments where you don’t have machine level access). 588 more words


OWIN and Katana part 3: more complex middleware


We wrote our first OWIN component, a.k.a. middleware in the previous part of this series. We said that it’s called middleware because it sits somewhere in the invocation chain of elements. 922 more words


3.3 Aficionados

And with that I am DONE my third year of university.

Just in time for the Langurds to start their first. Dammit.

To be honest, judging by what I’d heard of the EP, I expected university to be a gigantic disappointment. 1,622 more words


Become Stronger than You Are Today, for Tomorrow's Life Ambitions Await!

How strong are you really?

Have you ever seen metal forged into a samurai sword (a katana for instance)? I’m guessing not a lot of hands went up and as you’d have guessed neither did mine. 322 more words

OWIN and Katana part 2: the Application Function


In the previous post of this series we started looking into OWIN and Katana. We also looked at a small, very basic Console based web server to see them in action. 1,234 more words