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Final Thoughts on Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life  

So, the answer to my big question from my last post, “Does Ursula Todd know that she’s living her life over and over again?” has been answered.  579 more words

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Some of my Favourite People are Books (part one)

How do you choose a favourite book? It’s almost indecent, like whispering the name of your favourite child (kids: if you’re reading this, I love all three of you the same). 719 more words


Update on Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life (by Jill)

I have been making steady forward progress on Life After Life since I last posted on Saturday, and only have about a hundred and fifty pages to go (out of five hundred and something).  560 more words

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Trespassing with Tremain…

It has been a year since Gran died. A year which seems to have gone all too quickly and also weirdly slowly all at once. How does time do that? 523 more words

Random Savidgeness

I’ve been waiting to write this post for over a year….  Progress Report on Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life

I preordered this book on amazon.com months before it came out.  I have been a loyal reader of Kate Atkinson’s books for close to fifteen years.  679 more words

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These are the Days of my Lives

“What if we had a chance to do it again and again, until we finally did get it right? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?” Kate Atkinson, Life After Life… 700 more words

Past Life Recall

Checking In: Up All Night (Part One)

Have you ever done that thing where you start reading a book at about 9 PM, read for twenty minutes or so, and look up at the clock to find it’s almost dawn? 815 more words