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THE BOOK OF LIFE Review: Blank Pages

When a film is heavily promoted with “From Producer Guillermo del Toro,” certain cinematic expectations are automatically set.  While the statement doesn’t explicitly mean the viewer will get a del Toro film, it certainly implies something akin to, “If you like the films of del Toro, you’ll love this film.”  The statement also suggests del Toro may have had creative influence on the film (like producers have never done THAT before), thus improving the film and adding greater value to it.   942 more words

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Review: The Book of Life, 2014, dir. Jorge Gutierrez

“Jorge R. Gutierrez wants to teach people about his heritage. He also wants to make colorful, energetic animated films to dazzle a wide audience. With The Book of Life, Gutierrez manages to scratch both itches at once. 49 more words


Impressive Cavalcade of Characters and Voices in "THE BOOK OF LIFE" (3D)

Director Jorge R. Gutierrez’s love for family, tradition and storytelling created a truly singular, a first of its kind animation in “The Book of Life” where it will reveal never-before-seen characters and will take the audience in three fantastical worlds – the town of  San Angel, The Land of the Remembered and The Land of the Forgotten. 598 more words


NO GOOD DEED Interview with Mexican actress Kate del Castillo

Opening on September 12, director Sam Miller’s NO GOOD DEED, a stranger charms his way into a woman’s house and terrorizes her and her two kids. 76 more words


Kate del Castillo tuvo un romance con Luis Miguel

Kate del Castillo es una de las mexicanas que más está triunfando en la Unión Americana, y es que la actriz ha logrado consolidar su carrera en el mercado anglosajón; sin embargo, a pesar de su talento, la vida sentimental de la artista siempre ha acaparado la atención de la prensa. 194 more words


No Good Deed Review

A thrilling movie about a homicidal murderer and narcissist, Idris Elba, played a vicious criminal who killed his victims who seem to irritate his murder senses. 616 more words


Movie Review: No Good Deed

!!!– No Good Deed is a late-summer thriller following suburban housewife Terri (Taraji P. Henson) and escaped convict Collin (Idris Elba). If that’s not reason enough to watch this guilty pleasure, here are more details. 209 more words