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Netflix Releases 'Orange is the New Black' Season 2 Trailer

LOS GATOS (CBS NEWS) – The ladies of Litchfield are back.

Los Gatos-based Netflix has released a trailer for the second season of its acclaimed series “Orange is the New Black,” featuring new footage from the upcoming episodes. 58 more words


Orange is the New Black

I almost didn’t give Orange is the New Black a chance, based simply on hating the title. It suggested to me that we’d be watching “Elle Woods Goes to the Big House.” I envisioned a main character who would apply for dispensation to wear Manolos with her jumpsuit, or teach her cell mates whatever is the 2013 equivalent of the bend-and-snap. 576 more words


Trek Tuesday: Roots: The Gift

Everyone knows about Roots. It is probably the biggest television event of the 1970s. It starred a young LeVar Burton (TNG’s Geordi LaForge) among other celebrated actors. 626 more words

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Kate Mulgrew Denounces Geocentrist Documentary

Former STAR TREK: VOYAGER star Kate Mulgrew took a lot of flak recently for narrating a purported documentary that supports the long-discredited and demonstrably false idea of geocentrism: the belief that the Earth is the center of the universe. 280 more words

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Wednesday Collective -- Female Protagonists, Hospital Horrors, Orson Welles & Kate Mulgrew

Does Hollywood Make Less By Sidelining Women?
Walt Hickey

When the newest Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, latest in Marvel’s Avenger… 1,210 more words

Wednesday Collective

Star Trek actress Kate Mulgrew denies willing involvement in geocentrism documentary: 'I was a voice for hire'

As Star Trek: Voyager Captain Kathryn Janeway, Kate Mulgrew knew her way around a solar system or two. So there was a certain irony to the actress’ voiceover work in the upcoming documentary… 315 more words


Wednesday Reads: A Bare Chestnut Tree grows in Washington DC

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We have a variety of links for you today, shall we just get down to it?

By the way, the images are from… 2,529 more words

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