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Day 325: Stripes of a zebra

This is one of my absolute favorite dresses because it does everything right. Timeless? Check. Flattering? Check. Structured? Check. I can wear this dress for years and years to come because it will never go out of style or stop looking good. 117 more words

Day 323: I'm on a boat

Okay, so I’m not really on a boat, and I was actually extremely far from any type of boating activity, but I will never cease to love that The Lonely Island song. 184 more words

Kate Spade Swimwear

This is definitely all over the internet by now, but I couldn’t resist putting these pretty pictures on my blog. Kate Spade is launching its first swimwear collection in November, and I for one am over the moon about it. 50 more words

kate spade new york surprise sale favorites

I love a good sale, but kate spade new york truly blows it out of the water with their surprise sales! Once every few months, you can save up to 75% off selected items, some of which are still in the store! 81 more words


Surprise! Kate Spade Surprise Sale Favs!

The best part of my Tuesday (besides sharing some of my favorite books with y’all of course!)? Seeing a “Kate Spade Surprise Sale” email pop up in my inbox. 204 more words

Kate Spade

Day 316: Says who?

This morning I was flipping through my pants and I saw my beloved black skinny jeans stuffed in the back. I looked and them and thought, “I can’t wear these, it’s summer.” But then I immediately followed that thought with, “Says who?” Right then and there I decided I was going to go against my subconscious fashion rules and do whatever I wanted. 149 more words

What I Wore: Birthday Girl

Sorry it’s been ages since my last update. I’ve been busy planning my birthday party, which happened yesterday and was Alice in Wonderland themed! The caterer did a fantastic job and everything looked and tasted amazing. 117 more words