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Proof Review: Oculus (2014) [4.5]

OCULUS // Turning an inanimate object into the main antagonist of a story is a huge accomplishment, especially when it comes to horror. Setting the right tone and building enough tension to get the audience invested in your otherwise outrageous ideas is pivotal in bringing that world to life. 593 more words

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SciFridays: "Oculus" (2014)

Baddie – Antique-ing addictions.

Lesson – You can’t defeat possessed objects.

Hi kids – it’s been a while! I was on vacation, and I regret nothing. 588 more words


Oculus (2014) : Horror Film Review

By The Gorgeous Palah Chingu

“Oculus offered such a great plot with a twist of horror. It delivered a good scare and your heart beat will skip so many beats because of the surprise element in it. 1,079 more words



I went to go see the film Oculus last weekend, which was released on April 11th. It looked very interesting and is about a brother and sister who work together to see if a mirror their father had bought when they were children was responsible for their mother’s death. 294 more words


Movie Review: Oculus (2014)

Let’s just put it out there: mirrors are creepy.  They show a you that’s not quite you.  They clearly lie about how awesome we all look.  279 more words


Oculus (2014)

by Steve Habrat

In 2009, Hollywood revived the supernatural horror film with Paranormal Activity, the “found footage” hit that spawned four lucrative sequels. While the… 1,158 more words



Not scary. Not as good as Insidious. Might be better than Purge 1 & 2. The overall idea was unoriginal seeing as how a lot of horror movies deal with mirrors. 112 more words