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The Power of Poetry

UWS author Katha Pollitt may be best known as a champion of women’s rights and the talented essayist whose work has appeared in The Nation for more than 20 years, but in today’s edition of… 75 more words

Katha Pollit on Abortion and Her Controversial New Book 'Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights'

In Katha Pollitt’s new book Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights, the longtime poet, essayist, and columnist for The Nation turns her eye towards the state of abortion today in 2014. 2,433 more words


I'm only human, of flesh and blood I'm made

I haven’t read the book, but do you really think that would stop me from commenting on it?

I have a PhD, y’know, which means I am more-than-well-qualified to talk about an argument on which I have not laid eyes. 548 more words


'Obvious Child' for the Web: New Online Course Combats "Abortion Stigma"

Americans love to argue about abortion, in the moral-philosophical sense. Is it right or wrong? In what circumstances is it OK, or allowable? The debate goes back and forth, and so do the laws. 997 more words


on poetry

“Nobody is truly indifferent to the ideas in a poem, and to say that you should be indifferent is really to say that poetry is a decorative art, it’s contentless, it’s like making lace or a quilt.”
Katha Pollitt
(b. October 14, 1949)
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'This woman is a MOTHER'! 'Monstrous' Slate writer says abortion gave her 'great power'

It’s called moral degeneracy, and Slate’s Hanna Rosin has it.

Abortion is a social good. So stand up and say it: http://t.co/s4OyKJYEAE pic.twitter.com/tc2jNYcM4v

— Slate (@Slate) …

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Katha Pollitt: The Argument for Abortion

When: Wednesday, October 22 at 7:30PM
Where: Town Hall, 1119 8th Ave
Cost: $5, buy tickets here
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In the United States, 3 out of 10 women have abortions — despite existing barriers to the procedure — and opponents exist on both ends of the political spectrum. 105 more words