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You Catch More Flies

The school was buzzing about the play.  The community was putting on a play at the school.  The adults, not the kids!  According to Sarah Nell, the snottiest girl in school, her mama was the teacher’s best friend.  403 more words


Grand jury recommends several charges against Kathleen Kane

Attorney General Kathleen Kane has a clear message for residents of Pennsylvania: she says she’s innocent.

New documents were released Wednesday, at her request, and show a grand jury has recommended she face several charges. 199 more words


My Own Circus (Kathleen's Memoirs of The Great Depression)

Illustration by Kathleen Swain.  Story by Linda Bethea.

One warm spring day as the sun beamed brightly in the open window, Miss Billie read a story about Billy Boy and the Buffalos.   462 more words


Death of a Mean Girl (from Kathleen's Memoirs of the 1930s)

Vernell Mullins and Jessie Hollins cornered me as I headed out of the schoolhouse after school one terrible day, cutting me off from the troop exiting the building.  372 more words


i'm really into this right now.

“kathleen” by catfish and the bottlemen. check it out.


I've made it 1,332 days.

Timing is everything.

So often, we forget how important every minute—every second is. Whether it’s running thirty minutes late to work or trying to pass a slow car on a two lane highway, timing is everything. 795 more words