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yes we can

the little stick people on the back of cars are just as sickening as the “my child is an honor student” bumper stickers–

however, grandparents have the right to be sickening from time to time– ;) 10 more words

Abbey Lane


i saw this new deodorant from old spice today and just had to have it– i showed it to kathleen, asked her to smell it, and then inquired if it was okay for me– she said yes– 46 more words

Abbey Lane

Today’s the day; we’re launching the campaign just in time for Move-In Day! The posters of Stepha, Kathleen, and Jacqueline are going up today, and the rest of the posters will be up within the week. 20 more words

weekend with the grandchildren

kaydan and mason visited this past weekend– we had a good time and took the children out to a chinese buffet–

speaking of chinese buffets ;) 57 more words

Abbey Lane


Through all my life, the things I worry about are the ones that I did wrong. I always used to be so quiet. There’s this girl, Kathleen, I’ll use her actual name because everyone had a similar experience. 261 more words

Social Issues

Art Class & The Importance of Book Usage

I decided to take an art class to brush up on my painting “skills”. This is my second class so far. I originally thought that this was going to be an all book or mostly all book class. 226 more words

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