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John's Tragedy (Part I from Kathleen's Memoirs)

When John was in the army stationed in New Orleans, we got a letter from him saying he’d married a girl named Wanda. It included a studio picture from Wanda, too, introducing herself. 254 more words


Writing on the Toilet Walls (from Kathleen's Memoirs of the Depression)

When I started first grade at Cuthand School, I took my reader home every night, and with Annie’s help, read several lessons ahead. I’d always longed to read, but by now had another incentive, although a secret one. 184 more words


Excerpt from Kathleen's Memoirs (Part II)

After graduating from high school, I looked forward to being a lawyer or a teacher for a few years before settling down with a doting husband, maybe a doctor or judge, in a nice little house in town with a flower-filled yard, and a couple of curly-haired children who stayed clean and out of sight until I needed to show them off. 2,081 more words


About a girl - Kathleen Hanna.

I’m cuddled up with glass of wine tonight. Had a fire ignited inside of me. Inspired by the the life of Kathleen Hanna. A beautiful story of a tremendous person. 162 more words


Horse Tales: My Human's Trials and Tribulations

As I was saying in my previous post, Perse first saw me in a pamphlet her family was discussing at dinner instead of doing the dishes. 1,242 more words


April 22, 1984

My freshman year in college, I was fortunate enough to tag along with my sister to Spain. She and I were chaperones for her students from a private girls’ school. 99 more words