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Review - Zero Dark Thirty

The 10 year man hunt for Osama Bin Laden.

A few years ago, a film called The Hurt Locker really grabbed my attention. I’d seen trailers, got caught up in all the awards season buzz and really wanted to watch it. 417 more words


Near Dark (1987)

A young man and a young woman are running through a deserted industrial area. The sky is a sheet of black, lit only by dim yellow orbs hanging overhead. 880 more words

Defense watchdog condemns government employee for exposing the CIA's role in "Zero Dark Thirty"

It’s been over a year since whodunit-turned-American propaganda film “Zero Dark Thirty” offered consumers a peek into the Central Intelligence Agency’s hunt for Osama bin Laden. 830 more words


Misogyny behind the Lens

Recent years have been witness to a lot of sexual inequality and injustice. Even right now in 2014 the argument of women’s rights rages on with huge debates in the music industry, new threats of online abuse as well as continued misogyny in powerful establishments. 635 more words

Theater Is Much Less Sexist Than Film

In the acting world, the stage versus screen debate is an established one — and there may never be one true winner. But when it comes to recognizing women directors, the West End is kicking Hollywood’s ass. 472 more words

Zero Dark Thirty: Hunt for Osama Bin Laden

Hello everybody! Today we have the military war drama, Zero Dark Thirty.


DIRECTOR: Kathyrn Bigelow

STARRING: Jessica Chastain, Jason Clarke, Joel Edgerton… 395 more words


Anne Sweeney on Disney CEO Post: 'It Wasn't the Job I Wanted'

Kathryn Bigelow and the late Gil Cates — that’s the unlikely pair who were two of the major influences on Anne Sweeney’s surprising decision to move on from her top perch at Disney/ABC TV Group to pursue a career as a TV director. 385 more words