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'Full speed ahead!' Happy warrior ladies, you'll relate to Katie Pavlich's self-mocking anecdote

Who is a hero (or heroine)? This lady:

Terrific. You know you need to slow down when you walk into an event & a woman goes "Oh honey let me help you get that tag off your dress."— …

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'Bull': Katie Pavlich rips Univ. of Arizona's excuse for changing speech location at 'last second'

Great presentation by @KatiePavlich tonight. I'm glad the event wasn't canceled! I'm proud to call you an alum! #BearDown
kris+en (@sparxsollaria) April 04, 2014…

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Crazy Piers Morgan: Fort Hood shooter 'WAS a good guy' until he got a gun; Katie Pavlich shreds

The “clown” diagnosis is the only possible conclusion after reading this from Piers Morgan in response to the shootings at Fort Hood Wednesday evening:

'If only there'd been a good guy with a gun…' – such crap.

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Breaking news from CNN: The Boeing 777 needs fuel to fly

We know it’s still a “developing story” to CNN, but Katie Pavlich seems pretty sure it’s old news that a jet without fuel will “struggle to maintain altitude.” 59 more words


'Tell me again taxes aren't high enough': Katie Pavlich vents after writing 'big fat check to the IRS'

The tax deadline is rapidly approaching, and count Katie Pavlich among those who ended up cutting a check to the government.

Eric Bolling of “The Five” gave Pavlich a reminder of where some of her hard earned money is going: 147 more words


What beats raindrops on roses? 'The Sound of Music, starring Katie Pavlich' [GIF]

Hard to argue with that assessment:

Especially when you consider Washington Free Beacon reporter Lachlan Markay’s take:

The Sound of Music, starring @KatiePavlich twitpic.com/dza1cv…

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Katie Pavlich smacks Salon for drivel about 'how the GOP became the white supremacy party'

Hey, how ’bout that?

How the GOP became the white supremacy party — and got away with it slnm.us/HOrcgVc
Salon.com (@Salon) March 21, 2014…

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