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It's 2014. Sexism is... different.

Cracked.com had a great podcast recently discussing sexism in our media.  Give that a click and listen to it.  It’s worth the 70 minutes and then some.   1,606 more words


¿Por qué Katniss Everdeen y Hermione Granger tienen tanto éxito?

Por  Nikte Shiordia Coronado 


Quiero hacer una aclaración antes de empezar mi debraye: no haré un estudio feminista sobre estos dos personajes. Odio el feminismo con odio jarocho (sea lo que sea que signifique el término “jarocho” en este contexto) y parte de ese odio consiste en no ser feminista.Verán, hace algunos ayeres andaba en el Sanborns hojeando una revista de cine (si no me falla el cálculo, se trataba de… 2,173 more words

Cine Y TV

Don't mock Mockingjay

My favourite book in The Hunger Games trilogy is actually Catching Fire, but with the movie still fresh in my mind (after maybe six views since it first came out in November), it was  318 more words


Katniss Everdeen

K is for Katniss.

I am a huge Hunger Games fan and part of that is because Katniss is such a fascinating, flawed and fun character. 534 more words

Discovered something while watching Catching Fire

I was watching Hunger Games Catching fire the other night and the scene where Katniss is speaking to district 3 two subjects saluted them and afterwards they were arrested, one of the subjects asked “Tell us what you really think! 154 more words

Katniss, you let me down

How very controversial of me.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I was hooked on The Hunger Games. So much so that it only took me 3 days to finish the whole trilogy.  518 more words


A to Z: Katniss Everdeen

Today we’re going to talk about…..Katniss Everdeen! Now I know my blog won’t be the only that chooses to say “K is for Katniss.” But you know…I think she’s a character who warrants the attention she’s getting. 718 more words

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