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Prayer, Meditation, Edgar Cayce and Hurricanes

While Edgar Cayce himself participated in drilling for oil in the 1920′s, and the readings tried to help him, he didn’t succeed at that particular time.  777 more words

Consciousness Shift

Tango With The Bourgeoisie 3.3

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“How far are you in Crash?” Marcus asked Katrina. “Are you at the warzone yet?”

“I passed the war,” Katrina said proudly. 5,210 more words

RMW Charges &ndash Katrina Otter Weddings & Occasions by Marriageous

We are actually pleased to welcome Katrina Otter Weddings & Events to The Really like Lust Checklist. The Rock My Wedding ceremony directory with a big difference. 41 more words

Tuesday, July 15th-- Impulse or Instinct??

I saw my paycheck for this week. It’s less than I was expecting, but still more than I earned teaching. I have some decisions to make. 666 more words


"Forty Five Freestyle" - Chase N. Cashe

It’s rare to get a glimpse of a cultural experience in a rap video.

New Orleans native, Rapper/Producer Chase N. Cashe, brings us a visual full of realism which is only an attribute to his witty bars unmasked by his eclectic attitude. 32 more words


In New Orleans, a 10-year sentence for Ray Nagin

This is from Town Hall.

School Bus Ray Nagin should spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Becoming a felon is a resume enhancement for DemocRats. 944 more words