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Bless The Little Thieves 1.5

Perfect, Sonia thought.

Thorolf threw the destroyed stereo at the Saints.

They scattered out of the way. The stereo struck a headstone behind them, shattering into a thousand pieces. 5,838 more words


IDPs vs Refugees

What is the difference between an IDP and a refugee? Why does the difference matter?

No one cares up until the moment when the hurricane hits. 783 more words

State Of The South

#100dayshappy Day 13

Day 13 i went to the world famous French Quarter. It happened that i was fortunate to be there during the last day of the French Quarter Festival. 211 more words

About Me

Exclusive Info on Bang Bang!

Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif will do some never seen before Bollywood action sequences in Abu Dhabi for BANG BANG.

‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ stunt director Andy Armstrong to design some mind-blowing car stunt sequences. 31 more words


The gods of Preparad-ness

Preparedness WINS-this is something my big sister says and she’s right- (I’d also like to add: ¬†preparedness is very very very SEXY…and reflects an apparent degree of WEALTH, CONTROL and POWER). 1,289 more words

Ayodele Fuega


This book was amazing!

I had never really payed attention to the changes from what The South used to be and what it is today. I have only known the Modern South, but I think I would have preferred the Old South. 91 more words


Old Wounds, New Opportunities

Hurricane Katrina forced the people of New Orleans to flee if they could (the option to leave was contingent on class, since the people who had the money and resources to leave were the ones who did) and to rebuild for the people who remained or came back. 262 more words