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Dispatches from an IMVU Scientist: Making RL better!

We often worry about not letting imvu interfere with rl but a good friend of mine thought imvu helped her do better with her rl relationships by making her more open and communicative. 388 more words


A List of Happy Making Things

One thing that saddens me most is when people get caught up in a bad situation. The situation then becomes their everything and it takes over their life and their mind, meaning they forget that there is still other situations in life that, even if for just a matter of seconds, can overpower the bad times and remind you that not everything is bad, life will always have highs and lows but you just have to remember the highs when the lows drag you down. 428 more words


Power Washing - How to Wash Your Driveway

Power washing your driveway may not be the first thing you think about when considering a home improvement project. But it can often make as much difference in your homes overall look as a paint job. 514 more words


Power Washing Quick tips

Once we leave the winter months, everyone wants to clean and restore the outside areas of their home. One of the cheapest ways of doing this with some amazing results, is to power wash your existing patio, decking and driveway. 372 more words


W.O.D. 07-24-2014

Warm up: 5 minutes foam roller, 3 minutes row, 3 minutes jump rope
Strength and Skill: drill movements and modifications for WOD
50 wall balls 20/15… 25 more words


W.O.D. 07-23-2014

Warm up: 5 minutes foam roller, 400m farmer’s carry
Strength and skill: weighted ring dips-5 sets max effort
10 Push ups
15 Sit ups… 11 more words


W.O.D. 07-22-2014

Warm up: 5 minutes foam roller, 50ft lunges, 50ft caterpillars
Strength and Skill: back squat 3-3-3-3-3
Run 800m
Run 400m backwards
Run 800m… 25 more words