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Orchelimum pulchellum, the Handsome Meadow Katydid, in Ormond Beach, Florida; 29 June 2014

Orchelimum pulchellum, the Handsome meadow katydid, photographed in Volusia county, Florida (29 June 2014).

The Handsome meadow katydid, Orchelimum pulchellum, is a striking species with its mix of emerald green and blood red tones. 375 more words


Atlanticus gibbosus, the Robust Shieldback, in Ormond Beach, Florida; 26 June 2014

Atlanticus gibbosus, the Robust shieldback, photographed in Volusia county, Florida (26 June 2014).

Here we have, I believe, a Robust shieldback, Atlanticus gibbosus… 353 more words


The Uncommon Common Katydid

If I had a blog, today I would write about Pterophylla camellifolia the Common True Katydid. Here in Missouri, summer nights are far from silent. The chorus actually begins in March, with the song of the spring peeper. 538 more words


Bachelor Buttons and a Katydid

While watering some flowers I’d planted on our porch from ‘flower bombs’ my oldest son had given me, I noticed a katydid on top of a cabinet.  211 more words