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Marta Kaczyńska Book

It is the most eagerly awaited Polish book in recent years. The daughter of former President Lech Kaczyński and his wife Maria Kaczyński, who both died in the Smolensk air disaster, tells the story of her parents. 126 more words


The Katyn Controversy: Stalin's Killing Field

Benjamin B. Fischer

One of the earliest–and certainly the most infamous–mass shootings of prisoners of war during World War II did not occur in the heat of battle, but was a cold-blooded act of political murder. 4,730 more words


Kłamstwo katyńskie w Warszawie

„Nasz Dziennik” ujawnia:  Rosyjscy wydawcy przyjechali na warszawskie targi książki z pozycją kwestionującą sowieckie sprawstwo zbrodni w Katyniu.

Na publikację „Pieszo po katyńskich mitach” Anatolija Tiereszczenki natrafiliśmy na stoisku Books from Russia. 1,708 more words


Case: Janowiec and Others v. Russia (European Court of Human Rights)


  • The applicants were relatives of Polish officers and officials who were detained in Soviet camps or prisons following the Red Army’s invasion of the Republic of Poland in September 1939 and who were later killed by the Soviet secret police without trial, along with more than 21,000 others, in April and May 1940.
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Dealing with the past- legal approaches

  • Case law of the European Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg) 
  • In Janowiec and Others v. Russia the Strasbourg Court rejected the claim about Russia’s failure to adequately account for fate of Polish prisoners executed by Soviet secret police at Katyń in 1940.
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