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Girls Can

How many times have we heard the phrase girls can’t? Girl’s can’t play sports… girl’s can’t be leaders…girls can’t run the household.. girls can’t do this.. 82 more words

Unconditional or give and take?

Would you still love him if things weren’t the same?
Would you still love him if he doesn’t do what your ideal man would do? 68 more words

What's So Important About a Dark Horse?

Screenshot from ‘Dark Horse’ music video

Jurgen Habermas, developed an idea of the ‘public sphere’, which is a forum for people to come together and exchange ideas and opinions about everyday issues and concerns in their society and personal feelings. 311 more words


The One That Got Away.

Hi There!

Keith and I have always had a soft spot for the acoustic version of Katy Perry’s ‘One That Got Away’. The lyrics are simple yet beautiful and the melody is very pretty. 169 more words