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So I take it my culture is just a trend....

Are you showing cultural appreciation or succumbing to cultural appropriation?

With Halloween just being about a month ago, I am sure we all have witnessed forms of cultural appropriation. 323 more words

Designing my own cover

Firstly, I had to decide on a name which didn’t already exist. The kind of magazine I wanted to design was a beauty/fashion/lifestyle magazine which would compete with magazines such as… 255 more words


Christmas Day Countdown: Day 4

~~~Day 4~~~

I’m a big fan of Katy Perry. Love all her songs. Especially one of her perfume. Every single time I see it in the shop I will spray some and smell it for the entire day. 164 more words



Hello reader, this is my first blog post ever. It’s a Friday night in Miami, Fl and I got this sudden urge to write. When I was a teenager I wrote all the time. 319 more words


Dust it Off

What exactly? dust…or something else. I’ll explain.

We often tend to live for the future or in the past. Do we ever stand still in the present, in the now? 131 more words



My room is my favorite place to be! <3 I never showed you guys my room, but I will make soon some nice pictures of my… 236 more words