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"Why didn't you wait. ..

… for me. ..I wanted to open some of them! !!”

☺☺Made some presents for my girls


Picture of The Day: Shimakaze 2

Ever wonder how Shimakaze would look like if she cosplays a Love Live costume? Well, here she is looking cute as always. I might say she and Amatsukaze from Kantai Collection (Kancolle) are idol material since both of them are super kawaii.


Winamp Skin: Shameimaru Aya

Shameimaru Aya from Touhou is now featured as a Winamp skin with the round seeker format. Not only that, she is posing in a very seductive position with all that bondages wrapping up her body like that. 46 more words


hyper japan kawaii haul

So after a much lengthy discussion about my adventures in Earle’s Court I’m going to show you all the treats and goodies I brought back with me! 262 more words

Hyper Japan

eBay wishlist haul

Since my recent adventures to Hyper Japan I’ll admit, I’ve gone a little lolita crazy. There were a few odd moments staring in to the psychedelic abyss that is: my wardrobe, that I had considered passing on my lolita collection. 836 more words

Hyper Japan

Oliver & Nubia: WOW! What is this??? A cat? A Ninja? o.o

Hi there humans!

Today we encountered something odd… Our humans got a new box but it was a little bit small for us and also had something that almost looked like me in stealth mode on it. 262 more words


My (Our) Vegan Story!

I, personally, have thought about going fully vegan for a while now. Just hadn’t ever committed to it. But here we are and it has been a month since Nick and I decided to, both, become vegan! 566 more words